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Thats the funniest part about people sticking up for drew aka willy etc etcIm pretty sure he has 5 minutes to post some shit and back up what he said with his own mouth then wait for his disciples to come out and give vague explanations
would you guys say these are similar to the 17cm or 19cm??
reasons dont equal to answers..
Buttery soft lamb trucker jacket in washed navy. Brand new. Size 48IT/M Brass buttons, Satin lining. Sold out everywhere. Get ready to steeze out in fall.
Falcao #9
except the cut is terrible
yea i read that and was like... wtf. hahahthey spent 35 mill pounds on carroll... so they only made 15 mill pounds on torres's sale, which is terrible, on top of the fact that they shipped out carroll for like 12 mill pounds a year later
Baffles me why Madrid didn't pick up falcao and settled for chicharron
Defenders: rojo, blind, evans, shaw, smalling, rafael etc etc...strikers: van persie (glass bones) chicharito (r madrid) welbeck (arsenal) rooney, and falcao..
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