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except the cut is terrible
yea i read that and was like... wtf. hahahthey spent 35 mill pounds on carroll... so they only made 15 mill pounds on torres's sale, which is terrible, on top of the fact that they shipped out carroll for like 12 mill pounds a year later
Baffles me why Madrid didn't pick up falcao and settled for chicharron
Defenders: rojo, blind, evans, shaw, smalling, rafael etc etc...strikers: van persie (glass bones) chicharito (r madrid) welbeck (arsenal) rooney, and falcao..
For any of you fatties in the downtown LA area, I am giving out free 21 day passes to Golds Gym for the 7th and fig location. If anyone of you is interested please PM me with your name and number and I will contact you. Bring all your friends to work out also.
#1 drew doesnt care, hes got ca$h moneyz #2 youre all fucked, he doesnt give two shits
I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of high tops but my size is impossible to find on ebay for a good price.
not feeling the pant cuffing
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