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MEASUREMENTS A Shoulder to Shoulder 18" B Armpit to Armpit 22" C Shoulder to Cuff 26" D Collar to Bottom Hem 25"
so basically you can rip anything off as long as its not a trademarked logo?
yea im waiting till they get delivered and we see some fit pics
definitely a one time thing. I have a pair of lows on the way and i know ill be perfectly happy with them, especially at $140
dont know if this is a dumb question but will you be able to order this jacket later down the road for the same price ($699) ? or is it only available for the group buy?
don't want to sound like a dick, but you did a pretty terrible job, considering I've done it before too. The reason i say that is because you can see in the last picture how the wax just looks like flakes, you have to heat it up and pretty much brush the wax in so it looks... waxed. I used a bar of wax and a blow dryer.
i think paying 500$ for a pair of skinny dad jeans is ludicrous
they're laughing all the way to the bank
I had two, they're lined in flannel, so for winter would be a good jacket, otherwise satin lining is the way to go
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