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Baffles me why Madrid didn't pick up falcao and settled for chicharron
Defenders: rojo, blind, evans, shaw, smalling, rafael etc etc...strikers: van persie (glass bones) chicharito (r madrid) welbeck (arsenal) rooney, and falcao..
For any of you fatties in the downtown LA area, I am giving out free 21 day passes to Golds Gym for the 7th and fig location. If anyone of you is interested please PM me with your name and number and I will contact you. Bring all your friends to work out also.
#1 drew doesnt care, hes got ca$h moneyz #2 youre all fucked, he doesnt give two shits
I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of high tops but my size is impossible to find on ebay for a good price.
not feeling the pant cuffing
mayday mayday we got a troll
wrong thread
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