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I meant individually, where 2 kop Yang?
Like I said before, the quality on the TOJ was much more "luxe". The blk dnm is more run of the mill lamb which is not as soft or supple as the TOJ but if you buy second hand they can be had for ~$500 or less.
how much for both?
I had an MDR but i bought it second hand so it wasnt necessarily my size and it was a little boxy so I gave this a go and i like it. I'd get a black calf suede DR with gold zips in a heartbeat if I had the cash but alas i dont
if you cant read the tongue by now...... even though they are atrocious i would expect you to know theyre SLP
MMM. the second are horrible (just realized theyre MMM as well but go with #1) and while i love lanvin the lows of that version will always be 1000x better.
it is, thing that kinda sucks is i sold my toj and got this so i went from sateen to fabric lining. will be hard to wear when it gets warm and im having trouble wearing it now since it's like 80 degrees in LA how hard would it be to swap the lining to lets say sateen or silk if need be? also the lamb on this isn't as luxe as the toj but it isnt horrible either. I bought it second hand for a good price but these can be had for $875 new. I think i might oil the leather to...
do you guys know if i am a sz 7 or 8 uk in lanvin cap toes if i pretty much wear a 9/42 all across the board?? I see mixed reviews everywhere
the fit looks okay but the way you're wearing it is atrocious. collar down and flaps snapped.
I just copped lanvin from farfetch, if im a 9/42 pretty much all across the board will the uk8 be too big?
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