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do you guys know if i am a sz 7 or 8 uk in lanvin cap toes if i pretty much wear a 9/42 all across the board?? I see mixed reviews everywhere
the fit looks okay but the way you're wearing it is atrocious. collar down and flaps snapped.
I just copped lanvin from farfetch, if im a 9/42 pretty much all across the board will the uk8 be too big?
The bear gang is alive and koppin ill shit.
while i agree and i like it now, I think he will wear it just how he posted a fit pic so it is still a big no.
lol once i get my kicks I'll post a fit pic.
Def a good look for you Jbravo Just copped this Blk Dnm jacket. Fits surprisingly slim. Im usually a shmedium in everything but I took a gamble on this in a Large and it fits great, I should add that I have broad shoulders.
Blk Dnm #5 jacket Lanvin navy cap toe
I'm not a fan.
not sure how this got 49 thumbs, not because it isnt good, but because of that awful double roll on the pants. Get those hemmed to the right length
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