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i'd go calf
APC Petit Standard Black Tagged: 29 Actual: 15.5 inches laid flat Inseam: 29 Cold soaked once, never washed. SLIGHT fade at corner of back pocket and below rear-center belt loop, nowhere else. Denim is dark. Buyer pays shipping
the ribbing kills it yuck
lanvin sale for captoes??? uk8??
does the code SBID50 work on lanvin on sneaker boy???
Where can i find the black/navy/gray lows in a uk8 for about $300 ???? Been looking everywhere
Five four Waxed denim Daniele alessandrini hi (no vis) Super basic fit for the holidays! Merry Christmas fellas.
why isnt the SBID50 code working for me??
bro you're like 37. Please. Stop.
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