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Dude please hit the gym instead of spending so much money on clothes, I think people on sf underestimate the power of looking better in plain gap shit just because your body is shaping every piece of clothing you wear instead of letting 1k coats dress you.
yo' mama. jk, check it over at fabrixsquare, like 75$ shipped from Korea.
Brim 8cm Circumference of inside 56-58cm Shipping to be calculated.
brand new actual pics are inside this thread. brim 8-10cm Circumference of inside 56-58cm $45>$35 This pic is to show the tag of 100% wool, but it is black. shipping to be calculated.
Waxed denim
go stand in line for them then, for free.
im thinking about saying fuck it and get in a little debt for a black suede 2010 DR with gold zips.....
in a bad way, over-engineered.
audis are garbage I dont care what anybody says. Get a pre 70's 4 door merc, or a pre 70's jaguar series 1
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