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Brim 8cm Circumference of inside 56-58cm Shipping to be calculated.
brand new actual pics are inside this thread. brim 8-10cm Circumference of inside 56-58cm $45>$35 This pic is to show the tag of 100% wool, but it is black. shipping to be calculated.
Waxed denim
go stand in line for them then, for free.
im thinking about saying fuck it and get in a little debt for a black suede 2010 DR with gold zips.....
in a bad way, over-engineered.
audis are garbage I dont care what anybody says. Get a pre 70's 4 door merc, or a pre 70's jaguar series 1
Black cowhide wilson's leather. size SMALL fits 46-48 Buyer pays shipping. chest under armpit 18 26 from collar to front bottom hem shoulder to shoulder 20 25 from back collar to back hem
No way, I like the proportions. The cardigan being long helps that effect.
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