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AsAs soon as moo posted about how I confused the two nahnana got all defensive and that's how it all started, my comment about the forehead was aimed more at the fact that he shaved all his hair off so I was wondering was it a bad haircut but noooo after all it is sensitiveforum and hilarious that the person that names it that is the first one to get butthurt and start firing back
II personally don't like the pointy toe but construction looks great
I didn't read through all the garbage and effort you put into it but if I recall correctly I made a comment about your ugly ass forehead and hair and that's when you got all defensive, then on top of that I trolled you with your own post that was all in caps and here you go again spewing garbage and being an asshole which is what you are.I ain't even mad son
I can quote every single time you told someone to shut the fuck up etc, you're as bitter as they come sonny
IT FINALLY HAPPENED! PEACE RETURNS TO SENSITIVEFORUMI'm from new york stop making us look bad, and you're that motherfucker that gets no pussy and always has a smart comment to say cause you're so butthurt.
the resemblance is uncanny.
nahneuns forehead and haircut
I like this better than your drapey stuff, also, where can i find some jeans like yours (talking about the wash, but i also like the fit)
get rid of those pointy shoes
@art that shit goes hard son i want a suede jacket
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