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don't hem.
these are pretty dope.
I think that shoulder looks great. it is not too structured and it isnt too soft to me.i like it.
post a review of the quality of dunks once you get em I'd go vintage soles on the achilles.
I meant individually, where 2 kop Yang?
Like I said before, the quality on the TOJ was much more "luxe". The blk dnm is more run of the mill lamb which is not as soft or supple as the TOJ but if you buy second hand they can be had for ~$500 or less.
how much for both?
I had an MDR but i bought it second hand so it wasnt necessarily my size and it was a little boxy so I gave this a go and i like it. I'd get a black calf suede DR with gold zips in a heartbeat if I had the cash but alas i dont
if you cant read the tongue by now...... even though they are atrocious i would expect you to know theyre SLP
MMM. the second are horrible (just realized theyre MMM as well but go with #1) and while i love lanvin the lows of that version will always be 1000x better.
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