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where can i find those h&m creepers??? havent had any luck at my local h&m
why do you think only fishbones can rock that shit so good.
^^ You're right but at the same time its hilarious how I can't give a suggestion without getting shit for it. Jet boasts about how he lifts this and that and tells people the same thing I do And no amount of angles and camera tricks are going to change the fact that the jacket simply doesn't flatter him.
I feel like those boots always significantly bring your entire fit down a notch or two, the creasing is not pleasing to look at and it doesn't mesh well with the leg opening on the jeans.
Do you really have to ask us? but if you need a reality check then yes you are fat.That's exactly my point, the root of the problem lies in the fact that all the "regular" posters don't give a shit about fitness so then the general concensus becomes you (or I in this instance) being the plague de-railing the thread from "fashion"It's also funny because people will say; i.e; "those boots don't work well with that fit, theyre too clunky, etc" So how does that differ from...
you mean the red one right, cause idk why everyone has a hard on for the whiskey one i personally dont like it at all.
lol its scumbag because...? just because they (or you) are too lazy to LEARN how to strength train and have good nutrition habits to look and feel better instead of some instant gratification in the form of expensive clothing doesn't make me a scumbag, like i said before just because you go to the gym does not mean you know what you are doing. It was semi constructive criticism to abraxis and everyone else that feels the need to be included.
well his chin looks really round, and theres a difference of going to the gym to get "slim" and see no gains which is pointless as to someone that goes to the gym and bulks for mass to do it the right way and get a nice physique to look better in any clothes.
Dude please hit the gym instead of spending so much money on clothes, I think people on sf underestimate the power of looking better in plain gap shit just because your body is shaping every piece of clothing you wear instead of letting 1k coats dress you.
yo' mama. jk, check it over at fabrixsquare, like 75$ shipped from Korea.
New Posts  All Forums: