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thank you kind sir.
the commentary on espn is atrocious, I HATE it. they should jump off a cliff and stick to broadcasting basketball and football
I want to purchase a borsalino hat on ebay, how do i go about knowing what hat fits my head? Paging stitch
I agree with the concept but i think its a good length.
thats the most retarded shit i've ever heard. I'm 12% bf of lean muscle at 170 5'7 and I eat whenever I'm hungry, whether its at 8pm, 10pm, or 2am it doesn't matter.
i dig it, but the green shirt is terrible.take a hint from junk how you should be rocking that type of fit bene, i like the shoes also.
It's not the fanboys fault, its drew's fault, everyone knows hes milking every penny from every jacket to put towards the now new restaurant so he shouldnt be ashamed of coming out to say just one time that the orders can take up to 1 year now."If they had been more transparent though, there may have been a lot of potential customers that WOULD have sought out another option, and since the money is clearly funding other ventures, it's easy to wonder if they continued...
shoes are in fact horrendous, I hate to say it but mikey you look like a 35 year old lesbian with that outfit.
I feel like those boots should only be paired with slim pleated trousers, doesnt work with the jeans imho
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