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Adil Rami (FC Sevilla/Les Bleus)
Copped mine on the bay for like... $150.. I copped my first pair on sale in a size 42 which fit for $325, these last ones I got in a 43 and I sold my old ones that were beat up for like $120... Lol
Thanks. I dropped it off at the Beverly Hills Panerai dealer so I don't even have it right now but I can't wait to wear it again.
I've got a co axial aqua Terra and a Pam 210, thinking of changing the omega to a strap
[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] Recent pick up
It's this one
Looking to pick up a Rick stooges hammered lamb crust 09 in a M/38 What should I expect to pay?
On the way to work today
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