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Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Bands are like shoes. Can't wear them back to back, especially in the summer. That doesn't apply to actors.
An E. Howard 23-SA watch.
Yes. Get a metal watch band.
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta Electric razors don't do a good job on your neck. Generalize much? Rotary electric razors, such as Norelco, do a great job of shaving the neck. It is the foil type, like Braun, that are typically poor performers on the neck, although that is changing.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Have your nose carterized (spelling?), that is what I did. Oh, my god. It's CAUTERIZED.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joseph K. Bank I don't understand why you have to use such harsh language and threaten me in Private Messages. Oh, yes, the word "balls" is SO harsh. You're a drama queen, kid. As for "threatening" you, that just proves my point right there.
I am 6'2".
Quote: Originally Posted by Joseph K. Bank I am generally not the type who shops online but due to being unemployed I began to look on eBay for a bargain on a pair of taupe pants in a light weight wool. After finding a nice pair that were new and would fit without alteration given their measurements I bid and won the pants. The problem is that when I received the package last week under the clear packing tape which held on the address label was stuck a...
Don't eat me!
Keep us posted.
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