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He was joking, I think.
One question about the footage. Who, in Christ's name, were "the troggs and thunderbirds"????
I had the same problem with a pair of Florsheim kenmoors. I figured it might soften after a bit of wear and sure enough it did.I wore it to work about five times and now it's as confortable as any other pair of shoes I have.
I'm pretty sure this picture's from 1966 or late 65. Their hair length and style are pretty similar to what they look like in the movie "The Deadly Bees", from 66:
What the hell, a week with nothing new here? Anyone please post something. I'm out of ideas but still thirsty for more stuff.
Do you originals believe there's a possibility that the proto-skinhead "hardmod" look may have appeared simultaneously in different parts of the country in slightly different ways? Or was it always London then everyone copying it? Were the regional differences mainly due to copying it "wrong"/unavailability of the proper gear? Or could it be that the northern skins came from a similar but not identical variant of a late mod look circa '67 and then became more stereotipical...
My apologies if this is is too off-topic, but I found it kind of funny: I was looking at my old records the other night when I came across something that reminded me of this forum and the book project: It's an old hardcore band from Southern California. I'm sure Jason remembers them. It's odd that they used this for the cover, since they weren't a particularly skinheady hardcore band. This ecletic american mix of graffiti letters, punk music and skinhead elements is...
Roy, Paul and the rest of the originals, did you ever wear 3 button suits with only the middle one buttoned or did you always button the top two? My apologies if it's been asked before.
It seems that a constant rule of youth cult revivals is that what seems to survive the second time around is usually what stands out the most from what's perceived as the mainstream fashions of the original period. Using skinhead as an example, the most 'different', striking characteristics that the untrained eye would notice would be boots, braces and very short hair, because these were it's most uncommon traits as far as mainstream late-60's fashion went. The same goes...
If you look close enough (click on the pic), you'll notice that this abomination the kid on the left is wearing is not a shirt, it's a denim jacket with a tartan thingy sewn on it. Underneath it, it looks like he's got a conventional checkered button down.If it wasn't for the tartan crap and the huge turnups, he'd look more or less like a normal skin from 3 or 4 years before, I guess.His friend though, looks like a biker ate a skinhead and threw it up. Actually, he reminds...
New Posts  All Forums: