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I don't think they do at all, except maybe for the last picture.What makes you think that, the flight jackets?I personally haven't seen many early revivalists wearing longish hair like that, big pointy collared tops like the brown one or even the sort of sunglasses the fella in the plaid shirt is sporting. Even the smart revivalists generally wore more stereotypical skinhead gear, like your regular button downs, FP's, more usual looking cardigans, etc...
Looks like the photographer is one Iain MacMillan, from Dundee, Scotland.
I posted that, as a curiosity. It was a record by an american hardcore punk band called Walk Proud.The funny thing is that they weren't even a skinhead band as far as I know...
Didn't shrink a whole lot, but it did shrink. But after a day wearing it, it felt more relaxed again.
I just soaked it once and let it hang by the belt loop to let some air inside. The colour didn't change too much and it stopped stinking, so that's my advice as far as jeans go.Some people put vinegar on the water, but I don't really know if it works.
I have one too, it's supposed to be a 50's replica model. Best jeans I've got. I've been trying to find another one but they always cost about three times what I paid for mine.
Did you wear sandals along with you regular mod/skinhead gear?
I was asking myself the same thing. English is my second language so no wonder I didn't get s***, I wonder if English speakers from other places can grasp what they're going on about.
This is hilarious, there's a part where the reporter's talking to the black skinhead kid and asks him if he's ever bashed anyone.The kid replies something like "yes, greasers, hairies, rockers" and the reporter says in french "he's bashed people of italian origin and people with long hair". He associates "grease" with italians and it's the skinhead who's a racist, hehe...Anyway, not that there weren't actual racist skins, but the idea of a black immigrant teenager who beat...
I have one. Great shirt, much better quality than the regular Ben Shermans. It's really slim fitting though. So it's perfect if you're in shape, but gain a few pounds and you'll never wear it again...If I'm not mistaken, it was based on a 60's Ben Sherman given to Paul Weller by Steve Ellis from The Love Affair. Who by the way, was a pretty smart fella.The one he's wearing on this 66/67 pic (first guy on the left) could be the one Paul Weller based his design on, I suppose.
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