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I have Clarks chukkas, basically same body as DB, The insoles is very thin so instead i bought a better insole and just put it in there and did not have to rip off the insoles that is included in the shoe. It will not be a problem just putting an insoles because CLARKS insoles are very thin and not supportive.
Caribou boots are nice.Also Eddie Bauer duck boots are also nice to wear.If you are into all leather shoe then it's best for you to buy wool socks to keep your feet warm.
Cargo Pants have always been popular especially in the summer. There was also a time when cargo pants influence jeans designs.
NIce, not a lot of people buy seiko, they prefer rolex but to me seiko is much more innovative.
For the mos part is is since selvage is unwash or raw state. The only difference is that the edge is stitch that way it doesn't pill or unravel. Since that is the edge we talking about, the denim itself is still raw which is selvage.Look basically, selvage is anything that is unwash meaning no creases or no lines with an edge that doesn't ravel.
ummm what? you just repeated what i said. selvage denim IS raw.
h&m have organic jeans. most are selvage. On to your eco philosophy. I agree BUT. remember, with all jeans. they still have to go through the process od dyes, dyes may be natural or not but there will still be chemicals use. The process of make jeans is not as easy as many people thing. Depending on the wash or color, chemicals will be used even if its blended with natural dyes. A lot of colors can't be made by natural dyes, that is why chemicals are still used. E.I....
Photoshop has its own raw photo management. You don't need light room to do it. The way to do it is right lick the raw image then select photoshop. Also make sure the quality of the image is at 12 for the best.
That is due to the collar getting smaller or your neck just got bigger. The collar will usually spread if it doesn't fit. Also the collar looks like it's laying down or almost. It should be straight and pop.
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