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It really is nice to see the cheaper Canadian price. I've been on a bit of a buying spree myself lately, but it's just been online shopping rather than actually going down in person. Even with shipping and the random applications of border fees it's a great time to import.
The angle of the shot probably makes it look a lot worse than it is, but I don't like the four in hand with a spread collar.
Thanks for the link, Rooster. Looks like I should stick to shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn I'm in Vancouver, where can I get a MTM suit here? -Rick. Maxwells comes around twice a year. They'll do the measuring and you get to see and feel the materials in person. I haven't tried their suits yet, but I've had a few rounds of shirts made. The quality is quite good, though not perfect and the prices (around $60/shirt) beats what you'd pay in department stores for decent materials. It looks...
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