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For me it was seeing a thread on made-to-measure shirts in another forum. As it turned out, one of the companies that comes around to measure you and lets you pick out the fabric in person was coming to town the next weekend. Instead of assuming nothing I liked would fit properly, I could finally look forward to just getting whatever I wanted. It has gotten rather expensive...
Wow, that's rough. I always factor in a hit for boarder fees when using something other than regular post, but it must have a ridiculously high listed value to get dinged that much.
Thanks for the link.
That is incredible service. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
I thought I was going overboard with three pairs of AEs in two weeks. Any and all guilt has subsided, but jealousy has taken its place.
That's really handy to have. Thanks for the post.
It seems perfectly reasonable to say that a shoe measures small or large and that a particular 8 fits more like a 10 in most other brands. It's helpful to the buyer to point that out. Something like "11AAA suitable for size 9D feet" really doesn't seem plausible though.
I'd wish you good luck on the ruling, but I can't see how you'd need any. Hopefully there won't be any more hassle after this. It's too bad anyone has to deal with sellers like her.
Black blazers are fine unto themselves, but the problem is that you have to wear it with something and there's not a lot that I think looks good with a black blazer. A dark gray blazer (or sports coat that looks a lot like a blazer) would probably give you the look you want. That way you have a lot of option on dressing it up or down. Of course, there are a lot of light to dark gray, blue, and patterned sports coats of different cuts that give you similar options. If...
Blazingazn, if you do look further into Blair Shapera, please update the thread.
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