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I just go with MTM and the shirts fit regardless of ties. It might be an idea to order from a few different places and see how you like the results.
You can try pinning it up with the help of a friend and seeing how it looks. If you take those heavy paperclips and have your friend take in some material in the back with them, you can get a decent idea of what it will look like when tailored.
I thought the point of the monogram was to be pretentious... The dash marks are wonderfully pretentious, if that's the look one was after. Otherwise, I think the block and diamond look best. Don't forget about the color of the monogram. Matching the color of the shirt will leave it understated, while a contrasting color will be rather bold.
The dimples are high on the arm, just under the shoulder. If I'm the first to point them out, they really can't be that bad. Taking another look, they are pretty mild. Someone else will have address the sleeves as I've never had to have mine let out.
There's a full write up here, but if you're selling it doesn't hurt to specify that it's pit to pit or length from the bottom of the collar.
I like the way you think, a tailor.
3/4 of an inch on the sleeves should be fine and with a bit of tapering on the waist and pants will clean it up quite nicely. I did notice a bit of dimple on the shoulders, but I'd imagine they'll disappear when your tailor brings the jacket in.
Vancouver is a bit odd when it comes to dress. It's definitely a less formal city than Toronto. If your new office is a mix of casual to dressy, it might be an idea to get a navy blazer and a gray sports coat to start instead of two suits. You'll be able to dress them up and down with anything from jeans to wool pants and it will give you a lot more options than two suits.
That sounds right to me, unbelragazzo. When I'm looking online, I check the shoulder measurements first, though it's probably due to having broad shoulder for my size. Perhaps for more conventional shapes it would be secondary. It sounds like LR has more of the opposite issue. A good tailor has some wiggle room in the shoulders, but not much. The waist seems to be about the easiest change to the body of a jacket and the chest doesn't seem to be too much of an issue...
With a neck like that, he really does need a big collar.
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