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Not that I've bought or sold a lot of items on B&S, but that's pretty much the way it works on every forum I've been on. Agree on price, shipping methods, etc in PMs, seller sends they buyer the PayPal info, buyer pays the seller, the seller ships it out, and the buyer sends the seller a quick PM when it arrives out of courtesy. The buyer should always make the payment "for goods/services" and the seller should ship with at least delivery confirmation so they both get...
No offence taken. I work on the development side, so I'm allowed to ignore corporate interests for the most part. I don't have any stake in the browser wars, so my suggestions are from personal experience and from reading various benchmarks when they show up in tech news.My PCs are fast enough that I don't have an issue with JS heavy sites, so I run FF with a bunch of security and privacy add-ons. If FF works fine for you, I certainly wouldn't suggest that you switch. ...
I've been in IT for years and while I don't make any claims on being a browser expert, I do have some clue when it comes to the interwebs. If you're using JavaScript heavy websites like Facebook, Hotmail, and G+ (and quite possibly SF) on an old machine or netbook, especially on XP, Chrome will be your best option. I don't like Chrome, but it certainly has its place. FireFox is what I use, but it's a pig. It's supposed to be slimmer in version 7, but it will grind a...
If you understand how clothing should fit and what colors work well with each other and your own hair and skin color, it's not too hard to look good on a budget.
I picked up a burgundy belt from www.leatherbelts.com that goes well with my burgundy AEs. It certainly isn't suit only and isn't the nicest belt money can buy, but it does work well with the shoes and the quality for the price is quite good, in my opinion.
I've done this with the shaving world a few times and it's worked out quite well. About the worst part of it was that the really desirable items were gone within a few stops, but even still everyone wanted to contribute more than they took. I would be interested in joining in, but it would be more to play Barbie and get to try dozens of ties with different shirts and jackets to get some ideas.
Moores is a good place for serviceable ties, but that's really about it. From what I've seen of their suits, the price is fairly high for the quality. Both are low, but I don't see the value. One name I don't think I've seen mentioned in this thread is Jack Victor. If you hunt around for a sale, you should be able to find them in the $300 range in brick and mortar stores and they're a fantastic value for that price. As for shoes, if you can't get a good deal on...
The shoulders look good, the waist is suppressed nicely, and there's no roll or stretch on the back. As Saturdays said, showing a bit of cuff would be ideal, but that's an easy and cheap fix.
It seems there's far too much pattern going on with what you've posted. You can mix three or four different patterns, but it's incredibly hard to pull off. Pinstriped suits almost always look best with a solid shirt. About the only kind of check that I like with them is a big windowpane in a soft color, which isn't too far from a solid anyway. With a solid shirt, the tie options open up quite a bit - either tie you posted would work well enough with a white shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Really? I have yet to find ones like those. Any examples? Other than the Modern Tailor example as stated above. I have a similar shape to you, though not quite as extreme. Even Maxwell's, which isn't exactly the top tier of MTM, has no problems fitting shirts for me. It's hard to imagine that they'd be the only ones.
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