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Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith I've seen plenty of women look just fine in a suit. What you think doesn't look good doesn't mean others think the same. Opinion and all. Then you should have no problem finding a pic of an average-sized woman who you think looks good in a suit, one in which the suit doesn't drape oddly over her hips or breasts or other curves. Go for it. Do you disagree that suits are meant to accentuate breadth of...
Please post a photo of an average-sized, non-skinny woman, say size 10-12, looking good in a suit. (The average size for women in the US is actually 14.) I rest my case.
So I've been seeing women in suits a lot lately, having to go to court more than I used to (my job). And IMHO the look just doesn't work for most women. And here's why, I believe: The traditional Western suit was designed to accentuate the male secondary sexual characteristics. Namely, broad shoulders & narrow hips. Most of the women I see in suits wear single-vented jackets that, without exception, gape open to reveal their less-than-svelte buttocks. Furthermore,...
Glad the OP finally got some answers to his question, rather than people just attacking him for asking it in the first place.
Possible, but why would they do that? And why would he let them? I have a feeling a guy like Jones wouldn't wear anything he didn't want to wear. I mean the sleeves are literally down at his knuckles. If the wardrobe dept only had huge suits I'da thought he could call up and have someone deliver one that actually fit him. And he wasn't playing a character, he was playing himself, so I don't think the ill-fitting thing was part of a "role." Just a strange situation.
The reason I posted is that I was a little surprised that a guy who has that much monkey would be on a show in a jacket with sleeves 2 inches too long. Does anybody know if that's just the style he likes or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman King: Queen: Jack:
sleeves a little long, yes?
Jerry Jones in "Entourage." Fab, no?
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