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thank you. will look into them i was afraid i would have to resort to that lol. looking for something a bit more original, but if all else fails that and acqua di gio by armani would be my two best options. thanks.
that's what i figured... well would you have any recommendations? i'm 20 years old, the age range of women who i am trying to attract with the scent ranges from 20 to 30 lol. personalities are all diverse as well, if that matters. and as for personal preference, character wise i'd like something that is casual and laid back that i could use during the day or night. i have not a single clue when it comes to cologne.
when i still gave a shit about my appearance and how i was presented, creed himalaya, i still use it. but i just realized the price doesn't fit my budget. i was looking into top cologne that attract women lists earlier and was considering using "Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men" . does anyone have any feedback on that? but i know a few friends who use that, and would assume it wouldn't be too original, and i would prefer something a little bit more original. though...
i'm wondering if you feel these are worth the price. i know its brother shoe, the 574 or other running shoes by NB are not only very much alike, but are also at a much cheaper cost. could someone give me some review and feedback on the shoes? i'm trying to wear them casually with jeans. what would be my ideal sneakers? and i tried to do a thorough search, but had no luck with results.
I almost forgot about the Loakes. 16) Black Loake (Shell Cordovan?) - 7D - $65
Four sweaters left J.Crew Blue Argyle V-Neck, Medium, Cotton/Cashmere - $20 J.Crew Dark Grey/ Light Grey Vest V-Neck, Medium, Cotton/Cashmere - $15 J.Crew Green Crewneck (Very similar to J.Press shaggy dogs), Small, Shetland - $40 Brooks Brothers Purple Crewneck, Small, Shetland - $20 Include $5 for shipping. Please send payment as gift or add 4%.
I have one in navy, PM me if you're interested.
^ No, prices do not include shipping. An additional $10 for shipping. Price drop on Church's.
15) Burgundy Allen Edmond Shell Cordovan Cambridge - 6.5D - SOLD
I have a lot of shoes for sale. Looking for quick sales, as I will be going away for school in two weeks. Will be adding more so be sure to check back, including a pair of AE shell cordovans. Shoes vary from different sizes and condition. Majority do not come with their original box, except for the two pair of loafers. Judge condition yourself from pictures. Some shoes may seem a bit dusty, because the shoes have been sitting in my closet for awhile collecting dust. Let me...
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