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Size down one from the actual waist or size down one from the tagged size?If my waist measure at 33-34 then I don't see how something that measures 32 would be too small. They stretch A LOT. If I went with a 32 that would be a 34 actual waist and they would stretch to be too big correct?
Well APC are vanity sized by 2 correct?
I wear a size 30 in Naked & Famous Skinny guy. They have stretched to measure 17 across the waist (34). They are a bit tight on me right now though. Should I go 30 or 31 APC PS?
Skinny Guy Deep Indigo, Worn for about a year. Got them 5/19/11 1 soak, 1 wash in a bin with warm water and detergent.
Some places other than Tres Bien do offer discounts on them. You just have to keep checking forums.
I didn't get an answer last time so I am asking again. I've been wanting to buy some readers with non rx lenses. Anywhere online to look at these? I tried searching this thread but I didn't come with anything on non rx. Any help appreciated.
Where? Their online store?
Looking to grab a pair of PS during the holiday season with some codes. Anyone know of any azalea codes or any other retailers offering some codes that can work on APC? Thanks
He got it that cheap because the weird guy LHT are 120 while the skinny guy LHT are 140
Does not work..
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