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The texture on that bull hide is really nice.
There should be no duty on Alden (or Viberg) as they are made in North America. Taxes + any broker fees are usually unavoidable on higher value items.
I hope the Canada/EU free trade agreement gets signed. Duties on most European goods should disappear.
Interested - post the measurements.
+2 on when the clamping pants hangers will be available again. They have been out of stock for months.
Another vote for Dover in dark oak.
All season tires.
Good show, I watch it when I can. It is also shown on some PBS stations. I get it (in HD too) on KCTS from Seattle here in Vancouver.
Beaver Bonanza
Other than the stores already mentioned, I believe Gravity Pope carries some British shoes....Church, I think. The selection in town is very limited.
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