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I don't really like the three types of leathers. Seems like a Franken-boot.
Thanks, I got fitted in their store in Victoria.
I am really pleased with my first Vibergs. They look well constructed and feel really solid. Service Boot 2030 Last Black tumbled buffalo leather Raw Cord sole
Those are some nice boots. Enjoy them.
It is best to make an appointment if you want to be fitted for service boots at their store. They will pull some sizes for you ahead of time and get you set up.
Thanks for the tip.
Greg, can you ship via USPS to Canada?
Those are some nice boots! The leather has a really nice texture and coloring and those soles are very cool.
The texture on that bull hide is really nice.
There should be no duty on Alden (or Viberg) as they are made in North America. Taxes + any broker fees are usually unavoidable on higher value items.
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