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I'm in for the Route 10. Just put in my order.
That Route 10 chukka looks very cool. Does anybody have more pictures of the natural CXL, particularly ones that have been worn in a while and beaten up?
Nice leathers Fok. Was hoping for a Brown version of the Unicorn leather. That grain side texture looks fantastic. Is the Aged Bark oiled? The Tan Horse looks interesting. Do you think it would be too light a shade for a service boot?
Fok, can you check to see what sort of brown textured leathers they have available for the next group buy? Would be open to any animal - cow, moose, bison/buffalo, horse, etc.
How about something like this? Model: Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: Moose leather (or similar textured leather) Color: Brown Sole: Vibram/Cat's Paw Toe: Plain Cap Toe
That's too bad, I was waiting for the brown tubo to get restocked.
#6. So no brown harness leather available. On the fence with the brown oil tan. Seems pretty dark.
Interested in #6 but it all depends on the leather. Brown harness looks like it has some variation in the colour which is nice. Flat/matte plain brown is a bit boring, IMHO. I like the sole/heel choice (Vibram/Cats Paw). How does the 110 last fit compared to 2030 or 2040?
Thanks for posting your experience. Do you know who makes the suit? Is it someone local or is it outsourced to someone back east?
I don't really like the three types of leathers. Seems like a Franken-boot.
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