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Ahhhhhhh, I can see that now.So the corresponding leather strap with two holes in it performs more than one function. The second is to attach to the one or both buttons on the hood itself to adjust the slack in the hood, I presume?
I just got my salt and pepper NR single breasted jacket. What does the leather flap with two buttons on the back of the neck do?
Does the summer Bumfreezer still have that square logo/patch on the lower back/butt? I have the salt and pepper single breasted on pre-order in size M. That seemed to be the best size for a 38R with intent to wear over jacket/suit. Should I go down to S for Bumfreezer with intent for shirt/sweater underneath? Can you describe the difference between the LW and SLW materials? Are there any inside pockets? Thanks.
Order placed for NR Single Breasted in the Salt and Pepper.
Looks like NR offers the single breasted in two lengths. Mid length and knee length. I assume we can specify the length we want? I was also looking for more pictures of jackets in the salt and pepper material. Saw a couple in this thread but can't find anything else on Google. It really looks like a very light grey from a distance. Anybody got more pictures in realistic lighting conditions? Thank you.
I'm in for the Route 10. Just put in my order.
That Route 10 chukka looks very cool. Does anybody have more pictures of the natural CXL, particularly ones that have been worn in a while and beaten up?
Nice leathers Fok. Was hoping for a Brown version of the Unicorn leather. That grain side texture looks fantastic. Is the Aged Bark oiled? The Tan Horse looks interesting. Do you think it would be too light a shade for a service boot?
Fok, can you check to see what sort of brown textured leathers they have available for the next group buy? Would be open to any animal - cow, moose, bison/buffalo, horse, etc.
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