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Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS a tux is evening wear. And even if I was attending an evening wedding, unless i was a groomsmen, I wouldnt wear a tux. Im getting married in july on a saturday afternoon...no tuxes. Sorry for the late edit, isn't a tail coat what you're supposed to wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS only when my matador suit is in the cleaners. what would YOU wear to a wedding? EDIT: A tail coat, didn't know the translation.
You'd wear a suit on a wedding?
I recently bought this jacket in size M from H&M but I'm not sure if a size L would be better for me. EDIT: How do you make the images look bigger in the post?
I wonder when they get new stuff on the site, like new rugbys for example?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 Call or e-mail them. They should be able to give you measurements. If I had to guess, I would say that you would be safe in ordering the medium, given that you wear a medium is PRL custom-fit. My polo from Rugby is about equal in size to my PRL custom-fit polos. I'm afraid of it being too big though, i'll see if I can't find the info anywhere I guess I gotta email them. It's so confusing with some...
Does anybody have any info on this? From reading this thread I understand that the medium rugby.com size is pretty close to the PRL custom fit medium. But does anybody know what the Rugby.com "classic fit" is equivalent to in PRL sizes?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I'm not saying they are the same fit, regardless of classic designation. I'm saying a classic RL Rugby shirt does not necessarily fit like a Polo Ralph Lauren classic fit. Order multiples and return the ones that don't fit. The thing is that I don't live in the U.S, so I'm gonna have to get them sent to me from somebody, so I can't return them.. Anyway, what size would you say would be approperiate...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 It's a bad idea to buy something based on how it fits the model. First, most people don't have the measurements of a model. Additionally, you have no idea 1) what size he's wearing, 2) how big he is, 3) whether it's pinned, or 4) whether it's altered. My last bit of advice, try it on. I'm just trying to find out what size I should order, but you have a point. Anyway, you're telling that all...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 No. And, probably medium. Also, I don't see how something could be big on you but fits. It either fits or it doesn't. Are you sure? Look at these two: http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?...d=3372176&cp=0 http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?...d=3372176&cp=0 If you look at the second one, and the picture of a guy wearing it, it looks way tighter. And how come they write "classic fit" on some...
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