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Hi I haven't posted to this board in a long time but am now at another life purchase. Looking for a briefcase that i can use for all occasions. Shortlist is Ghurka Attache # 17 (def favorite) Anything from JW Hulme? Any other brands? I have loved Ghurka bags for a long long time and love the NYC classic styling to them, same for JW Hulme I am not sure of quality though, and am reaching out to members here to try to whittle down a better shortlist. I work in media so...
Ugh, i posted this in Ebay for sale thread and somehow it ended up here. Sorry!
all here -
I wouldn't worry about size difference. My rights foot is half size smaller than in left and in my Blundstones I wear the blue insole in left and orange (thicker) in right. Just stack up another insole in the larger boot to make up the difference. You just don't want your foot too high in boot as it will rub against top of boot.
I'll be heading to Toronto soon and will visit the outback boot co. Looking at either rm Williams turnout boot or gardener in brown as I prefer the rounded toe. Anyone have experience with either? I read that the gardener is wax kip and doesn't polish very well?
Group sale of some of my stuff and friends Monocle Yoshida Porter shorthauler collaboration travel bag/briefcase Asking price is 300$ + ship to USA/Canada (or deliver - I am in LA tomorrow (5th Oct) to Friday) Full spec is here Very good condition. All pouches are included plus a black 15" laptop sleeve (from levenger -...
Hi I just picked up in a thirft store a pair of mens dress shoes with a Cats Paw sole. The shoes are benchmade from Fred Norton, Irthlingborough, Northampton, England. On the sole it says "Cats Paw" but there seems to be screw holes or rivet holes scattered across the sole. Is this for perhaps winter walking or has the previous owner converted these dress shoes to "golf shoes?" Any info would be appreciated C
Glad you are enjoying!
Price drop to 150$
Great thank you!
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