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Anyone with experience from the latest batch (or even previous) of shetland sweaters (regular crew neck)? I've heard it can be a decent alternative to an actual Shaggy Dog; I've also heard it pills easily and leaves a lot of lint.
The first link you posted (the one that is $275) is the 257. The other one is the 258, a bigger bag.
Speaking of the SF store, are they selling non non-iron (i.e. regular cotton) shirts again? Last time I went there they only had non-iron dress shirt offerings on the shelves. I feel like trying on already laundered shirts would be useful for, say, the OCBDs but not really an issue when it comes to the non-iron stuff. Isn't that fabric already crazily pre-treated?
I admire New Balance for being that last company to still make running shoes in the US--I've often thought about buying a pair for that very reason--but those shoes you linked to I don't think will work. I have one friend who manages to make his grey Made in USA New Balance running shoes (574s I think) look good with jeans, but it's probably because he's been sporting the look for as long as I've known him--7 years, or before someone posted a collection of New Balance +...
I sympathize, and the experience isn't exclusive to Spanish tailors. I have had the same interaction with a tailor here in the US. I described for a pair of dress pants to be hemmed with cuffs and no break and was told that that was "too short" and the tailor proceeded to pin them the length they "should" be, which involved the back reaching down to almost the heel of the shoe. You made the right move by leaving. I ended up conceding that day, had the work done (I needed...
The recent Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy movie made the 70s look pretty good. While the 60s still seems like the winner, I watched a episode from the first season of Mad Men--which is, what, 5 years old now?--the other day and didn't think the skinny lapels looked as fresh as they did when that show first broadcast. Right now, I think I'd rather have a suit like Smiley's more than one like Draper's. But that my change in another few years.
You're right, zippyh. I knew it was one (sale) or the other. Will it be the same for this year? Dunno, but hopefully.
No. Nordstrom had them on sale for $200 (I think) at last year's semi-annual sale. The Nordstrom sales events for men's stuff are in June, July, and December.
You really can't go wrong with the above mentioned ensemble, so I second.But if you don't have the time or money between now and graduation to assemble all of that, I think the gingham shirt and tie will look good. I also think your charcoal suit pants would go well. Knowing the range of attire for 'formal' occasions these days, you will neither be the most dressed up nor the least, which is a good place to be.Have fun.
Shucks that they probably won't go on sale. Thanks for the info.
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