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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have experience with Rugby's accessories? Looking at the site, it seems like the latest round of markdowns went to those items mostly. I know that some, like the slippers, are particularly notable--handmade in England and all that--though the website seems to highlight that. Does anyone know if any of the other accessories are of notable make and thus might be a good time to buy?
Question for those with experience with the Brooks Brother's OCBD: I wear the ESF OCBD in a 14.5 / 32 (the USA made ones). It fits well but is quite fitted, namely I can't fit an undershirt underneath. I would like to be able to wear an undershirt under the OCBD--would I be better off sizing up to a 15 in ESF or getting a Slim Fit in 14.5 for a little extra room in the body of the shirt? I remember the website having more comprehensive shirt measurements before the...
Also speaking from experience of both having had an alumni interview for an Ivy League school and having done alumni interviews for my alma mater, what jshastings says is right. The recommendation or report that will come out of this interview won't be a make or break component of your application. It might break it if you come off as a horrible person. Otherwise, this interview isn't going to get you in if you don't have the academic profile already in place (i.e. GPA and...
I would make sure to get a bag that can comfortably carry all the things you need and worn (rather than carried) so that your hands can be free, especially for school. A (common) scenario to consider: walking into a restroom and having to find a portion of floor to put your stuff down so you can use the urinal. Compound that with maybe having to rush to class. I find myself in this situation a lot at school and it makes me curse not bringing my strap for my Filson or just...
Leg opening of my pants too narrow or too wide. This mostly becomes an issue when it comes to shoe pairings--some shoes look terrible with wide pants, others terrible with narrow.
Something canvas (like a Filson) would probably be less conspicuous than something leather, but jacket or tie or briefcase--any one of those items by itself--is going to make you stick out as an undergrad. The bag you posted looks fine, though. A word on Filson: if you want a bag that carries a laptop, notebook, and textbook (+1), I'd recommend the 257 model briefcase over the 256. I don't think my 256 can comfortably hold all those materials.
Searched through the thread but couldn't find a definitive assessment on the matter: how is the sizing on Rugby's XS oxfords? The size chart on their website says that XS corresponds to a 30-32" chest and 13.5" neck. That seems tiny. For what it's worth, I wear the 14.5 BB ESF oxfords. Does anyone know if a size S or XS is comparable the 14.5 BB ESF?
I've seen those, but they just look silly to me. They have a formal upper with a very conspicuous and clashing Lunarlon (or whatever it's called) sole. Might as well commit and get a the LunarGlide itself. Don't get me wrong: I find that a well chosen running shoe with jeans can indeed look pretty sharp.
For me: "that person owns no real dress pants"--particularly when it's on "young" people (that 18-34 demographic, I guess).I can see how some of the earlier posted pics work as conscious attempts to integrate formal and informal elements. But I'm not a fan of how jeans, a tie, and a sweater counts for formal for many young people mainly because that's all they have in their closet.I would have agreed that jeans and running shoes is "bad" until I had to go to physical...
Did Uniqlo stop selling their vintage chinos in size 29? I went to the SF store and the smallest waist size was 30. I just bought a size 29 pair this summer in NY.
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