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Technique for speed hooks 2 at a time? Please share.
Question about fit of shell NST's in Barrie last with double soles I picked up a pair of these recently and am trying to decide whether to keep them, due to the fit. The heel slips a bit when I walk, despite tying tightly and using tongue pads. I have several pairs of Barrie-lasted shoes in the same size and they fit perfectly, but none in this precise combo of shell+double sole+not a boot. (for ex. i have calf longwings and shell boots, and there is no slippage; it's...
I hear you. I've gotten lucky (and spoiled) with a couple pairs off the shelf from J Crew, back when they didn't exclude Aldens from the storewide sales.
Thanks. Link says they're sold out. I've never ordered from Leather Soul but I assume that unless they do another run for preorders, that's the end of that.
Thanks. They do have a nice selection of models including this one. Size availability, as expected, is hit or miss, but they say they get restocked.
NST Color 8 on Barrie? Does anyone know where to find (if it's possible) the NST, in color 8, on the Barrie last? After a lot of searching it seems very rare (custom makeups in the past or used). There are lots of color 8 on Aberdeen, and black on Barrie, but not the combo I'm seeking.
I just received a pair of Church's Consuls by mail order and the shape of the toe box struck me in a way that it didn't when I tried them on in a Church's store. It appears a bit squarer (and makes the whole shoe look a bit longer) than several American makes of cap toe balmorals (Alden, Allen Edmonds, Johnston and Murphy Georgetowns). Not as exaggerated as C&J Hallam, which I didn't like and didn't fit me (Connaught didn't fit either). My questions - is the Consul shape...
Thanks. I hear you on the 1818 - I like the Fitzgerald though I don't know why they insist on making it with a center vent.
In this price range range what do you think is the best quality suit? Looking for something conservative yet reasonably current (ie 2 button, side vented, flat front pants, conservative navy or gray solid) Brooks Bros Milano (got one on sale for $700, vs $1000 regular; still can return it) SuitSupply My.Suit (, semi-custom Charles Tyrwhitt various custom places in NYC discussed on Style Forum (I think some are below $700) other?
73 last vs 173 last? The Consul comes on a 173. Some retailers sell a discontinued 73 last "balmoral" (without the Consul name). Any idea how the two shoes differ (if at all)?
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