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I hear you. I've gotten lucky (and spoiled) with a couple pairs off the shelf from J Crew, back when they didn't exclude Aldens from the storewide sales.
Thanks. Link says they're sold out. I've never ordered from Leather Soul but I assume that unless they do another run for preorders, that's the end of that.
Thanks. They do have a nice selection of models including this one. Size availability, as expected, is hit or miss, but they say they get restocked.
NST Color 8 on Barrie? Does anyone know where to find (if it's possible) the NST, in color 8, on the Barrie last? After a lot of searching it seems very rare (custom makeups in the past or used). There are lots of color 8 on Aberdeen, and black on Barrie, but not the combo I'm seeking.
I just received a pair of Church's Consuls by mail order and the shape of the toe box struck me in a way that it didn't when I tried them on in a Church's store. It appears a bit squarer (and makes the whole shoe look a bit longer) than several American makes of cap toe balmorals (Alden, Allen Edmonds, Johnston and Murphy Georgetowns). Not as exaggerated as C&J Hallam, which I didn't like and didn't fit me (Connaught didn't fit either). My questions - is the Consul shape...
Thanks. I hear you on the 1818 - I like the Fitzgerald though I don't know why they insist on making it with a center vent.
In this price range range what do you think is the best quality suit? Looking for something conservative yet reasonably current (ie 2 button, side vented, flat front pants, conservative navy or gray solid) Brooks Bros Milano (got one on sale for $700, vs $1000 regular; still can return it) SuitSupply My.Suit (mysuitny.com), semi-custom Charles Tyrwhitt various custom places in NYC discussed on Style Forum (I think some are below $700) other?
73 last vs 173 last? The Consul comes on a 173. Some retailers sell a discontinued 73 last "balmoral" (without the Consul name). Any idea how the two shoes differ (if at all)?
Replacing rubber piece in Alden heel? On my Aldens the rubber piece of the heel wears out by far the fastest of any part of the shoe, to the point where the back of it is worn away to the next layer of the heel construction, while the rest of the sole and heel is in fine shape. Is there a way to have the rubber piece replaced, without resoling or redoing the entire heel? It looks tough to do, since the rubber piece appears to extend beneath the front part (leather?) of...
Good point zazaza and cloudshift, the welts are different between the LWB and the captoe boot, as you say. However if I recall correctly, the new boot looks narrower than the boot I returned; and compared to the LWB, the boot's relative narrowness seems more pronounced in the waist of the shoe. I'm still wondering if it's possible that they're on a different last than the Barrie.
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