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Sei Italiano? Se no, dove hai studiato l'italiano?
I don't either but you'd be hard-pressed to convince some people of that fact. Maybe the crowd has changed.
Well, it was picked up in your neck of the woods so what does that say????OK, nothing really. Also the only measurement that is off is the P2P and I already acknowledged that I was basically Ed Norton from Fight Club when they were taken.
Measurement are likely screwed up because I don't know what I'm doing. Re-measured at got somewhere in the 19-20" range. Unfortunately I'm in the midst of an insomnia bout that has overcome even the Ambien I take nightly, so for all I know I'm really just telling this to the jaded penguin who is pounding back tequila shots while trying to sell me something called "herring insurance."
Polo made in the US 100% wool. Side vents, surgeon's cuffs, two button with ticket pocket. two pleats and cuff. Measurements below. P2P = ~17.5 inches BOC = ~30 inches Shoulders = ~19.5 inches Sleeve = ~23.25 inches Pants Outseam = ~41 inches Inseam = ~30.75 inches Waist = ~34 inches Cuffs = 1.25 inches I am open to interesting trades but not the undershirt you stole from screen legend Anthony Quinn while he was working out in the part. Androfan and Ocooney have...
I thrifted that exact coat about a month ago!
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Both of you, know what the fuck you are talking about.And if you want to hear about having no time to do anything, try walking a week in my shoes.That comma completely alters the meaning from what I hope Spoo was trying to say to what it looks like he is says.
Bump. J any news on this front? Thanks!
I'm in Virginia. I was just curious. My wife is from Logan and we had our wedding reception in Ogden.
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