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Haven't heard that one. I have the Chromatics version, which I don't really like that much and the Track and Field version, which is nice. But Placebo's is still my favorite cover. Not necessarily the best cover of a song, but my favorite all things considered.
Really? You don't understand? This thread has by and large become an extension of the ID thread, wherein the majority of posters are simply looking to determine how much they are going to charge for any given item.I wonder what percentage of people in this thread thrift mainly for their own wardrobe vice to flip. More interesting would be to go back over the entire thread and see if the percentage has changed dramatically., or if those of us who recall a more "personal"...
That would be incredibly creepy.And while I like Kate Bush doing her own music, this is my favorite cover of all time.
If you haven't listened to the Smiths or the Cure since high school, you should be ashamed.
Hans is correct. Key-ton, with the ton pronounced like "tone" not "ton."
If I had to vote, I'd say DM7 wins on the strength of the Isaia coat. Sorry Ick, nice haul.
Hrmmm....details? Available?
Probably old though. Fused too. You might get 35 cents on Ebay but it will depend on the lighting of the pic.You're crazy for blowing up your spot like that though.
Fraiser? Law and Order: SVU??? Forget thrifting...some of you fools need to step up your TV series game. Easy sorry to hear about the HnR. As for the Polo discussion, what's more American than exploiting some Chinese kids? Our athletes are wearing clothes that some 11 year old had to put together for pennies. Like. A. Boss.
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