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fkn win!
If you ever find Cthulu buttons please please tell me.
Brian I'm very happy to be wrong about this and I'm sincerely not trying to pick any fights. Like I said, I'm a repeat customer of his. And I said "with all due respect" which, per my legal counsel, indemnifies me from retribution. Also, I don't want this to become about selling stuff at cost because it isn't. It's more about stuff remaining affordable for thread regulars. I'll give you profit, but if I could afford Spoo level profits, I'd just buy new.
I'm not going to multi-quote and I really debated even posting this because I only care about 2.3% but is this thread going to become a Luxeswap Affiliate Thread with Spoo sucking up all the good finds? If so, then I guess there's no real purpose for anyone looking to buy to come to the thread anymore. I've bought from a number of posters here but if everything is going to be farmed Spoo's way, then I'll bow out of the thread completely. I'm sure everyone is just...
Isaia is pronounced EE-ZAH-EE-AH
Congrats on the finds Andro. I'll pick up the Brioni tie sometime next week.
I have those. Love 'em.
Haven't heard that one. I have the Chromatics version, which I don't really like that much and the Track and Field version, which is nice. But Placebo's is still my favorite cover. Not necessarily the best cover of a song, but my favorite all things considered.
Really? You don't understand? This thread has by and large become an extension of the ID thread, wherein the majority of posters are simply looking to determine how much they are going to charge for any given item.I wonder what percentage of people in this thread thrift mainly for their own wardrobe vice to flip. More interesting would be to go back over the entire thread and see if the percentage has changed dramatically., or if those of us who recall a more "personal"...
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