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Che balle. Ambrosi non fa che sparare cazzate a questo punto.
You must have never spend much time south of Rome.
Dude there are DSWs all over NOVA.
We did and I was the culprit then also. I'm bad at measurements, what can I say? I'm the perfect combo of lazy and dont really give a damnI'm a 40-42 and the jacket fits me perfectly. The sleeves are a bit short on me but I have monkey arms. I'm happy to simply ship the item to anyone interested and if it works, great. We can work something out at that point. If it doesn't, just ship it on back.
PRL made in the US. Side vents, ticket pocket, surgeon's cuffs. Heavy wool, definitely a winter suit. Pants are forward pleat ( ) and cuffed. But this thing is fkn baller. EazyE can vouch for its awesomeness. Jacket: P2P = ~17.5 inches BOC = ~30 inches Shoulders = ~19.5 inches Sleeve = ~23.25 inches Pants Outseam = ~41 inches Inseam = ~30.75 inches Waist = ~34 inches Cuffs = 1.25 inches Available for trade for similar level items. More pics from my iPhone if...
Big ups to Grendel for an awesome deal.
fkn win!
If you ever find Cthulu buttons please please tell me.
Brian I'm very happy to be wrong about this and I'm sincerely not trying to pick any fights. Like I said, I'm a repeat customer of his. And I said "with all due respect" which, per my legal counsel, indemnifies me from retribution. Also, I don't want this to become about selling stuff at cost because it isn't. It's more about stuff remaining affordable for thread regulars. I'll give you profit, but if I could afford Spoo level profits, I'd just buy new.
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