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Sweet. Now I don't have to take pictures.
I hate seeing Xenos post because I'm too small-time to afford his finds. #firstworldproblems
Ya'll think DM7 is hot shit what with his finding Phil Jackson and Cedric the Entertainer's clothes? Well, I'm not Catholic but...... BAM That's right. The motherfkn Pope's green Polo coords. There was a Pope Pierce, right?.
One of the more frustrating aspects of my day is knowing that by the time I can check this thread, all the good stuff has been dibbed multiple times over. I guess I should feel good that I don't have greater frustrations....but here I am.
There are many of us here who do trade/sell without any markup. We just aren't the most vocal on the thread. This conversation has been hashed and rehashed so many times, including once by your's truly, that it is almost as cliche as finding a Dior tie. The thread is what it is, not what it was and I doubt it was ever that at all. Accept it and move on.
Picked up a pair of pristine MMM grey trou today. Size 42(?) with the 4 circled on the label. I don't know what it means but you've got to be one skinny motherfkr to fit in these. I'd swear these were kids pants if I didn't know better.
Light to medium gray flannel flat fronts 34x30 please.
John Voight's Le Baron was very in demand.
Che balle. Ambrosi non fa che sparare cazzate a questo punto.
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