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I'm not talking about the relative "dating" of the object, as measured by width of the blade for example. I mean the tie is ugly. Colors are garish and discordant. The pattern is nausea-inducing. We've all seen those ties made by makers that typically flip. And it doesn't have to be ties. If you found a Kiton suit with horizontal pinstripes, would you flip it because it was a Kiton even though the buyer would likely look like the the Michelin man?
The signal to noise ratio is way out of whack now. All threads take tangents but the tangents here are exacerbated by noobs posting junk, experienced members who should know better posting junk and then the interesting finds getting lost in the shuffle.It remind me of a philosophical question that this thread raises. If you read any other the other threads on SF, a common theme is the lament that men don't dress well as a rule these days. Business casual, poorly fitting...
Is someone here lowcountrybluesshooter? If so please to PM me. Thanks.
The lesser known Peter struggled under his brother's shadow, so he moved to Thailand to sell his wares.
EDITED: WTF??? Why did this quote the wrong person? Was meant for Chet Baker Sings. You're in Utah? I'm surprised you find anything beyond jorts!
I read that and had two thoughts:1) Why is he being so specific about the number? Why not just say "around" 40?2) Does any brag worthy brand even make shorts?Then I realized my mistake.
Interesting theory but there's no way these jackets were fitting Chris Cooley.
That's exactly what my first though was. He had 1.3 million in his checking account...checking.
Found this in the pocket of a cashmere Canali.
At what point does this thread get closed and a new one started? I ask only in the hopes that when that does happen, the new thread will have a less obvious thread title and we can get back to brag worthy finds and the occasional digression about Ebay and the flippability of items and away from people posting the ugliest fucking shit that can be dredged up from any moth filled thrift store in the world. Vlassis, I know you are new but fuckin' A man...those ties are...
New Posts  All Forums: