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I am in for June.
Who doesn't know Aphex Twin?
Wes I got dibs if that is going up for sale. Corneliani for what ever reason fits me like it was bespoke. I could have an entire closet of Corneliani and be happy. In fact, most of my suits/SCs are Corneliani now that I think about it.Great haul though.
Ebay score rather than a thrift store but I kopped an Isaia Aquaspider Navy suit. If that was one of you, thanks for accepting the Best Offer!
All of this asskissery of Androfan is unseemly. Someone call him gay.
What a joy this has been! Drama queens getting bent out of shape, bigots not understanding why people might find what they say offensive and exclusionary, a healthy dose of misogyny, white knights defending the female, and the sensitive buttercup brigade in an uproar over a word. To top it all off, we had an implied threat of violence in the form of a shooting should these insults be offered up face to face. It is almost, but not quite, like being on USENET back in the...
I'm always fascinated when they Teach Us About Love based on their current relationship, but after their 3rd divorce due to infidelity.
One use for shirts with a nice pattern is to re-purpose them into pocket squares. Not as stiff as linen or as poofy as silk but my wife made a couple into some decent squares for use in the summer. Depends on the pattern of course.
It was for prom, but not a tux...he just put together a bizarre amalgam of MC, SW&D and Assistant Manager at Staples pieces and it was pointed out to him. He was not pleased.
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