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Does it matter anymore? People like you have already turned it into your own personal sales thread while hiding behind the the spam icon. At least I am not pretending for it to be anything other than what I post. I'll make no profit at all and would prefer trade.You are the biggest hypocrite on this thread Brian, especially since way back in the beginning of my participation, I proxied two pairs of shoes for you at no cost to you. No even a finder's fee IIRC.
E tu che c'entri? Anche io ho comprato tante cose da lui. Comunque avevo gia pagato primo di postare qui e più che altro intendevo il mio messagio come uno scherzo. Forse te, nel futuro, puoi badare ai cazzi tuoi? Bischeri sul internet.....
Isaia Aquaspider Midnight Navy three button. Size 42 in excellent condition. Available for equivalent trade (doesn't have to be a suit) or sale for what I paid. No profit to me but this was a Ebay purchase that didn't quite workout size wise. PM if interested. Chest (underarm to underarm) - 22" Sleeves (shoulder seam to cuff hem) - 23" Shoulders (seam to seam) - 20" Length (seam at collar bottom to bottom hem) - 30.5" PANTS Waist - 36" with No LetOut Inseam - ...
Bought. Any SF discount you want to apply, feel free
I'll take them off your hands for a $100 disposal fee.
I am in for June.
Who doesn't know Aphex Twin?
Wes I got dibs if that is going up for sale. Corneliani for what ever reason fits me like it was bespoke. I could have an entire closet of Corneliani and be happy. In fact, most of my suits/SCs are Corneliani now that I think about it.Great haul though.
Ebay score rather than a thrift store but I kopped an Isaia Aquaspider Navy suit. If that was one of you, thanks for accepting the Best Offer!
New Posts  All Forums: