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Scored a Luciano Barbera tie today that had a stain that I believe can be lifted out. If not, I'm out 2 bucks. Not much else. Matt the GW out your way had some decent stuff in it. I finally made it over there due to work. Nothing I needed so I didn't cop anything but the tie.
Gonna be in NYC for Xmas. Anyone care to share some good spots?
Yes...I did meet future barrister MattR and his lovely fiancee/girlfriend. He is added to the list of people to whom I will inevitably turn for pro bono legal advice once the bodies are found in the crawlspace. At least I know he'll dress well at the hearing.
I don't look like that and I never once commented on your hair!
From this weekend: Slate blue Pal Zileri suit -- The jacket is unlined and the whole feel of it is of a nice lightweight summer suit. It is from the diffusion "Pull" line but it is still pretty nice and fits me well. Bluish/Green Canali suit -- 3 button which I like, even though it is largely SF frowned upon. Fits me like a glove. Beige/white stripe linen jacket from Nils Sundstrom -- Never heard of the brand but the jacket is very nice. Yellow with red paisely tie by...
Brian I don't know why but it absolutely slays me that when I go to your Ebay store to look at clothes I see you have freakin' barns for sale too. Can I combine the Canali suit with the 70+ horse stall barn for a discount? Also, can I get free OCONUS shipping for the barn?
That Attolini makes me seethe with impotent thriftrage j/k of course. awesome find!
I can't help but feel like the people most angered are the ones who know that their profit margin is dropping. The flippers getting mad at flippers is comical. There are a good number of people here who, like me, thrift because we want to dress like the big-timers but aren't quite there financially. If anyone is getting screwed, we are. As I've said before, I don't begrudge anyone a 500% profit but to complain that the charity thrift stores are increasing their profit too...
A Man Hing Cheong is topshelf. I've found like 8 bespoke suits from them in the DC area, all in excellent condition. Also found a WW Chan in great condition. One of the A Man and possibly the WW Chan suits are up for trade if they don't fit my brother. I'll know after T-giving. The A Man is around a 44 and the WW Chan is at least a 46.
Those are Hanovers. I have those exact shoes which I also thrifted.
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