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I don't look like that and I never once commented on your hair!
From this weekend: Slate blue Pal Zileri suit -- The jacket is unlined and the whole feel of it is of a nice lightweight summer suit. It is from the diffusion "Pull" line but it is still pretty nice and fits me well. Bluish/Green Canali suit -- 3 button which I like, even though it is largely SF frowned upon. Fits me like a glove. Beige/white stripe linen jacket from Nils Sundstrom -- Never heard of the brand but the jacket is very nice. Yellow with red paisely tie by...
Brian I don't know why but it absolutely slays me that when I go to your Ebay store to look at clothes I see you have freakin' barns for sale too. Can I combine the Canali suit with the 70+ horse stall barn for a discount? Also, can I get free OCONUS shipping for the barn?
That Attolini makes me seethe with impotent thriftrage j/k of course. awesome find!
I can't help but feel like the people most angered are the ones who know that their profit margin is dropping. The flippers getting mad at flippers is comical. There are a good number of people here who, like me, thrift because we want to dress like the big-timers but aren't quite there financially. If anyone is getting screwed, we are. As I've said before, I don't begrudge anyone a 500% profit but to complain that the charity thrift stores are increasing their profit too...
A Man Hing Cheong is topshelf. I've found like 8 bespoke suits from them in the DC area, all in excellent condition. Also found a WW Chan in great condition. One of the A Man and possibly the WW Chan suits are up for trade if they don't fit my brother. I'll know after T-giving. The A Man is around a 44 and the WW Chan is at least a 46.
Those are Hanovers. I have those exact shoes which I also thrifted.
Allen Edmonds Coles and Graysons both in my size in both in very very good condition...w00t. Also snagged a charcoal Hickey Freeman suit made with Loro Piana Zelander fabric. Super soft. Decent day despite the rain Forgot to mention. I almost bought my first item purely on label. It was a run of the mill blue dress shirt, not even in my size, but the tag said "Handmade in Afghanistan." Afghan couture rocks!
Picked up a very nice leather JCrew jacket today that will be good for cold saturdays out and about. Also got Karl Lagerfeld charcoal flannel pants estimated size 36x32, PRL dark green flannel pants estimated size 34x32 and Principe dark green flannel pants estimated size 34x32. All three are up for trade. PM for pics and exact measurements. I see Principe quite often, usually labeled Made in Italy. Is that a quality brand? Fabric on these pants is beautiful. I have a...
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