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Glad you scored! That store follows the "brand we know" pricing scheme because BB ties are usually in the teens but I've copped Brioni ties there and never paid more than 4.99 for any of them. Prices are a touch higher, but the thrift benefits military veterans, and specifically Purple Heart award winners, so I don't mind the extra cost.
You're probably right. It just occurred to me after I picked them up so I proposed it. No big deal and no feelings hurt. I ship the shoes to him on Monday and we're all good.The only reason I thought of it is because my closet is already completely overflowing and I have decent stuff to trade. In addition, I always see quality stuff here in the DC area that is either not my size or not my style. Instead of financially proxying it, I'd be interested in a trade proxy. I see...
I proposed this to a SF member (who I am absolutely NOT calling out in any way as I happy to take either side of the deal.) Does it seem underhanded at all? I got a pair of shoes for him with the understanding that he pay me actual thrift store cost + shipping. No profit involved on my end. OR I send him the shoes and he pays me nothing right now, to include the shipping cost. I drop the shoes in the mail on Monday, he gets them totally on my dime. My end of the deal is...
No...sorry man. I can go back on Monday and see if they're still there but I'm not wealthy enough to pick stuff up on the off chance someone on SF will take them. If they don't then I'm stuck with stuff I can't wear and while I was never really going the Ebay route before, the past few pages of this thread have convinced me.
Not a bad day today. First time I've been out in a while. At one SA, there were 6 pairs of the same AE Garners, 5 black and one brown, on the rack. All had the same wear pattern, all the same 7.5 size. Maybe the OneShoe isn't that bizarre a concept? Ended up with cashmere Facconable tie, BB tie, bespoke made in Hong Kong suit in very good condition even though it was made in 1998...nice two button with all the fixings and fits nicely. Hickey Freeman plaid shirt. Biggest...
I'd take all the Pink ones if they were one inch short in the neck!
I almost started crying when I found a Chan and realized it was too big for me and beyond tailoring to my size. It was mint and I had a spiritual experience when I found it. Now my brother is wearing it and I am left with a crushed and blackened soul.
Scored a Luciano Barbera tie today that had a stain that I believe can be lifted out. If not, I'm out 2 bucks. Not much else. Matt the GW out your way had some decent stuff in it. I finally made it over there due to work. Nothing I needed so I didn't cop anything but the tie.
Gonna be in NYC for Xmas. Anyone care to share some good spots?
Yes...I did meet future barrister MattR and his lovely fiancee/girlfriend. He is added to the list of people to whom I will inevitably turn for pro bono legal advice once the bodies are found in the crawlspace. At least I know he'll dress well at the hearing.
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