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Where in DC did you find cashmere Kiton suits???? I've hit every store from Manassas into DC and up into the Silver Spring area and never once saw anything from Kiton. I had to go to Cleveland for that!Found a black Zegna reversible overcoat today. Pretty sure this is it. Nary a flaw or stain on it and it is, of course, just a little too short in the sleeves. Up for trade if anyone is interested. I can send measurements and pics.
I think you guys are underestimating Britches of Georgetowne stuff. The quality was always very good and they had a great reputation. The Biella suits from Britches that I have are at a minimum half-canvassed. Like I said, it isn't Brioni or anything but they are very good workhorse suits, on par I'd say with some of Brooks Brothers lower-end lines. Could just be my lack of knowledge I guess.
Here you go. Crappy pics I know. Probably a 40R or a 42R. I can wear both depending on cut and it fits me pretty well. Pattern is herringbone, and the color is like a brown and black alternating stripe. You can only see the stripe up close, it mostly looks brown.
I used to work for the Britches, like 20 years ago. Their suits are workhorses for me, nothing more. If I'm on travel or the weather is bad, I'll throw them on to protect my other stuff. It ain't Brioni but it ain't bad!
After a couple months of drought had a very good day today. Picked up 3 workhorse Britches of Georgetown suits (DC area SFers know the shop) and a Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece grey with purple pinstripe. Only camera is iPhone so this is the only pic I'm going to take. Also picked up: a "vintage" brownish/grey overcoat made of "rare Mongolian cashmere" and wool. Not sure the mix. Very nice. grey Canali pants, probably orphaned but still very nice. I also picked up...
Originally Posted by mainy View Post ok... let me know if anybody would be interested in this but: i have like, 250-300 items i will be trying to get rid of here in the coming months (30-40 pairs of shoes, 30ish suits, 20-30 coats, 45-50 sportcoats, probably 75-100 ties, 30ish pairs of pants), basically a ton of stuff that I have been picking up. i'm pretty good with ebay, so I was thinking if anybody has stuff they would want to trade me, i could post up a big list and...
All the good donations are going to Maryland! Time for a road trip.
Thrifting in Northern Virginia has been dismal recently. Best thing I've found in a long while was the Bruno Magli Edgars. I think I'm being punished for the A Man haul from July.
Got a pair of Bruno Magli Made in Italy (Bologna) pebble grain brown oxfords in what has to be considered mint condition. Model is Edgar. The internets tell me they retail for $495. They don't appear to have ever been worn or even tried on. Small scuff mark on the outside heel is the only drawback. They fit me (9.5C) but I'm not entirely wed to them if anyone is interested in a trade of some sort. I can put up pics if anyone is.
Depending on the colors of the A Man suits I'm still interested. I have a full compliment of A Man in blue but other colors would intrigue me. Cost + shipping + finder's fee?
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