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A good portion of that is more in line with what I would expect from the Emporio products. Not a judgement, just an observation.
NEW7jgJeERA good for probably the next 23 hours. Is anyone familiar with a thread in CM that is similar to this one for SWD? I guess I could google each brand but that would take forever.
Zilli with two Ls. You must be in Tyson's Galleria.
I will take 3 and 5. PM incoming.
I received my shirts in the mail today, a scant four days after receiving notification that they were shipped. No extra fees. I'm not a picture guy so my review will be text only. Since this was my first foray with Luxire I bought their cheapest shirts (every day white and every day blue), slim fit, with the same collar specs as @MattR. VA homies keeping it real. Except for a few tweaks need at the biceps, which were unusually full given the slim fit of the rest of the...
Is it normal to not receive any verification/notification of an order? I placed mine on 7 March and while Paypal confirms the charge, I haven't gotten any message from Luxire. The website just says my order is unfulfilled.
PMed with dibs on Navy Marinella.
PMed about #1 and #2....take them if they are still available.
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