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This thread was started for several reasons: A recent controversy with a soon-to-be former affiliate vendor made clear that many people were not aware of the nation of the relationship between Style Forum and affiliate vendors. Since an element of the PC thread had to do with language barriers, is this correct or did you mean nature?
A good portion of that is more in line with what I would expect from the Emporio products. Not a judgement, just an observation.
NEW7jgJeERA good for probably the next 23 hours. Is anyone familiar with a thread in CM that is similar to this one for SWD? I guess I could google each brand but that would take forever.
Zilli with two Ls. You must be in Tyson's Galleria.
I will take 3 and 5. PM incoming.
I received my shirts in the mail today, a scant four days after receiving notification that they were shipped. No extra fees. I'm not a picture guy so my review will be text only. Since this was my first foray with Luxire I bought their cheapest shirts (every day white and every day blue), slim fit, with the same collar specs as @MattR. VA homies keeping it real. Except for a few tweaks need at the biceps, which were unusually full given the slim fit of the rest of the...
Is it normal to not receive any verification/notification of an order? I placed mine on 7 March and while Paypal confirms the charge, I haven't gotten any message from Luxire. The website just says my order is unfulfilled.
PMed with dibs on Navy Marinella.
PMed about #1 and #2....take them if they are still available.
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