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It is antithetical to everything this site has become?
Partenope is the ancient name for Naples. There is a legend of a siren that was buried where the city grew. The siren's name was parthenope. That is presumably an image of the siren.
If anyone is fixing to buy new AE in the next two weeks, hit me up. I have a $50 off code I wont be using. Regular priced shoes only, ends 15 Dec.
I got some shoes recrafted and they gave me a $50 gift card that has to be used on regular priced shoes by 15 Dec. Im not in the market now so the card isup for sale if someone is about to make a shoe purchase. PM me if interested. If I dont respond its gone.
Jompso, In Italian, the S between two vowels is pronounced Z. That's why Pisa is pronounced Pee-za and not Pee-sa. The other vowels are then pronounced singly. EE ZA EE AA. If your sales people at Barney's are pronouncing it differently, they are wrong. It is that simple. Strictly speaking, there are no silent letters in Italian. Granted, the G in Boglioli is not pronounced G, soft or hard. But it does affect the letter combo. Gli has no comparison in English and is...
The g in Boglioli isnt actually silent. The gli combo isnt a sound we have in English and can be approximated as the ilii sound in the word million. Isaia is pronounced Ee za ee ya. /masters in Italian from the university of florence.
Then you should continue buying ties with cosmetic differences that nobody but discerning tie aficionado iGents notice, at a significant markup. Chipp ties, particularly the grenadines, are an excellent value for people who just want nice ties without the cosplaying.
Have some stuff, some thrifted some my purchases, that I would like to offer up for trade only, unless someone wants to buy the lot, then we can discuss. I'm not looking for one to one trades either. I'm fully willing to send you the entire lot in return for the one right item. I'm mostly interested in shoes from reputable (SF approved makers) in good condition. I am especially looking for AE McNeils in 9D in any color other than black. I'm under no pretense that I have...
Monreale is awesome but if you were in Palermo and didn't make a trip to Cefalu, you missed out!
I have a big stack of very sellable stuff Id like to donate for this as I am not a seller. To whom can I send the articles to ensure all the proceeds go to his family? Or is there a NOVA based seller that I can meet and donate?
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