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Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 Recently downloaded those non-mixtape The Weeknd tracks (the birds pt. 1, rolling stone, trust issues)...I think this trio has set a personal record for most repeats in a week. Hope this guy doesn't go "radio friendly" - The Noise mixtape is so much worse (read radio friendly) that it's hard to believe it's the same guy. I love The Birds and Rolling Stone, but can't get my head round Trust Issues. One of...
Tommy Fresh
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Activision is doing the same thing to COD that they did to Guitar Hero before, and Tony Hawk before that. They just have no concept of restraint They're in the danger zone
Quote: Originally Posted by dwyhajlo Does this game offer anything new, beyond the admittedly beautiful graphics? It was there before COD, and it will be there after COD. 64 players Huge maps Vehicles (land, air, sea) More team-based play Less arcadey and XP/killstreak grounded than COD Those are pretty much the core 5 points in all BF games, but BF3 is adding a shitload more. It looks impressive.
Economics undergrad, law conversion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Yes. Yes you should. The ending to the second-to-last episode of season three made me literally jump out of my seat and shout "HOLY SHIT!" And I was home alone. The day that episode was on TV, I'd just got my home cinema installed. 55" 1080p with surround sound (I'd spent most of my life with small TV's, so I just wasn't prepared). The episode itself was pretty damn great, but from the moment the final...
BREAKING BAD You like The Wire, you like good dramas, so you'll like BB.
I'm eagerly awaiting this upgrade. I only need a lightweight laptop to take to and from lectures, classes, etc. I also want it to be a fully fledged laptop, so an iPad is not a viable substitute. I would have purchased the existing Air already but people keep saying that an upgrade is imminent, so I figure I might as well wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekeyport No worries Gene. Actually, your question appeared on a Google search I was doing, so I wanted to add my two cents for what it is worth. We are doing quite a bit of business in the UK these days, and we are exploring a couple of interesting UK partnerships. So, keep an eye out for an us. Sounds promising, and I reckon it would sell well in the UK if manufactured locally and priced competitively. It's...
University of Oxford (Hertford College) BA Economics & Management Those were the days...
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