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Any comments on the wide neck crew villains?
Will the Mercer Tee come in the silk blend?
Are the S/S crewneck villains the same weight as the fall villains? Alot of dope items in the Spring collection, keep up the good work.
Please elaborate.
Ready to pull the trigger on a Villain Hoodie. Assume the sizing chart for the Villain Crew is the same as the Hoodie? Looking at pick up the Cast in Carbon too. Why is the price different than the other washes? and when is the main site re-upping on Black Villains?
Very excited about the direction of this brand. Guaranteed to pick up a Cast in Carbon. Though I'm wondering if there is a big enough difference between the Nimbus and Coast to pick up both? A Villain will be essential this winter. Next spring tho, WOW . John should just take my money now. The S/S Hoodie with a hanging drawstring, good lord! and the coated denim.
Anyone try the "Home Try-On" yet? I placed my order the other day.
Anybody know when this is dropping? They already released the Steven Alan collab collection a few weeks ago.
Since this is the 3rd edition of the Elephants, the original concept is overlooked. They are called "Elephants" because the textures resembles Elephant skin, the outer texture is rigid while the weft is soft and gentle. More comfortable than most heavyweight denims. The Dark and rich indigo color is absolutely beautiful if it resembles the original ones.You should get the Elephants!
New Posts  All Forums: