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Anybody have a pair of Innevas? Wondering if I should stay TTS or size up. I have a wide foot, I wear a 11 in roshes (mesh) but when I tried the woven ones they were all uncomfortable. I remember hearing the Innevas can adjust width but not sure how true that is.
SNS Herning Stark Color: Black Size: Small BIN: 220 + paypal Great condition "Size Small 20" Chest at Armholes, 28" Center Back Length" Its stretches during wear so if you are a 20" - 22" CHEST you should be good Fall 2011 (Original fit) Worn a hand full of times Kept in a smoke free- environment Briefly hung for photo purpose (2 minutes, otherwise kept folded)
Wish the Emerald cashmere wasn't in such short supply. This is a long shot but.....anyone have a emerald cardigan in small, they might consider selling. PM me..
I know Fall is winding down, will there be a restock on the Emerald cardigans?
The emerald cardigan says "sold out" now. Will there be a restock?
Good to have you back Nan but lets talk about the cardigans? With all that said, there's only so much one can do to balance the low price/high quality (that struggle).
Thank you for the insight. You know if they are restocking the Camo shirts? I ordered one from a UK site about 2 weeks ago and still waiting mostly due to Hurricane Sandy. Hope it works out but if it doesn't a restock would be nice.As far as the pants, I need to get me a pair in Black very soon. I'll wait for the restock though, maybe a US site will get them.
I don't think their done, remember they are suppose to release some cardigans. I hope that heather green/blue mix makes it to production.
^^^ I wish the Camo jacquard shirt (sulphur) wasn't so popular but after seeing all of the regular spots sell out in my size I had to jump. I wish I would have got my head out my butt and ordered during Acrimony's sale 2 weeks ago. I hope to pick up some more basics and outerwear on sale though.
Are we still getting heathered tees? The cardigans looks good btw.
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