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Recieved my OS Crew in Washed Black. Size: 2 Medium Would recommend sizing down one, arms are huge. Overall not impressed. Returning ASAP. If anybody wants it, Ill let it go for 155 shipped, otherwise going to request a return tomorrow.
Looks horrible on him tbh but might be the camera angles.Picked up the Washed Black Crew, guessing its the sweatshirt John wore during the SS16 show.Waiting for those new material Mercers and denim to drop. Hoping JE can confirm if we are getting the new sweaters shown during the runway show.
Sized down one and fits perfect. Its suppose to be oversized so size down one or TTS is the wave.Not sure if @NikeOG is referring to a different tee. No way staying true to size will fit snug.
There is a link to the stockist list on the JE site man. At the very bottom.
@johnelliottfan Same size. Think you if size down with the cropped fit, it'll will look too short.
Never heard the term "flat back" so I googled it and found this on the JE FAQ page. Hope this helps you guys wondering about whats dropping in SS16.
@JohnElliot Will the Charcoal crew sweater John was wearing at the SS16 runway show, be release this season?
Nah , Charcoal Villain>OG Black Villain>>>everything else.
You're being paranoid.
I don't think thats Oak, think its all Charcoal. I bought an Oak LS Curve from a fellow SFer, and the color is way different from the site. Color is dope nonetheless.
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