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Nah , Charcoal Villain>OG Black Villain>>>everything else.
You're being paranoid.
I don't think thats Oak, think its all Charcoal. I bought an Oak LS Curve from a fellow SFer, and the color is way different from the site. Color is dope nonetheless.
Wearing my Black co-mix mercer today and the material of the shirt has changed since I first bought it. Its gained this hairy look now, like an old wool sweater. Not a bad thing but curious if others have experienced the same?
Post pictures please.
Silk blend fit is the same as the regular tees. Go TTS.
Hey, is anybody else able to access the Merino drop sweaters? They don't even show up on the site anymore.
Post fit pictures please, don't remember seeing anyone post fit pics of the Kake Hoodie or the LS Classic Curve.
Sage Villain dropping tomorrow according to JE's IG.This is speculation and doesn't seem to be true. I really don't understand the discount exclusion argument either.This is the first time they've done Pre-Spring/fall collections and noted to connect the dots between fall and spring. Limited quantities shouldn't be shocking, its basically a capsule release.THIS 100 percent, I refuse to jump through hoops to spend money.
I advise everyone to not bite on those hoodies on the resell market if its over retail, JE will likely restock and will release in other colors. I really hope JE doesn't get to the point where you have to compete with resellers on limited and/or sought after releases. Really don't want to open the door for resellers. Can't blame JE if it does, blame would goes on the shoulders of those who choose to cop at that price point.
New Posts  All Forums: