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Is this the mesh hoodie I see in the middle? Black? OMG, thought it was only in grey and white. Really excited now.
Ordered a villain crew to try my luck, maybe I'll like it. Also order a grey silk crew tee. Will comment will they arrive, hopefully within the week.
Great, but will the crew villain restock?Also when is the nylon rebel dropping?
Will the fall version still have the quilted panel?
Any comments on the wide neck crew villains?
Will the Mercer Tee come in the silk blend?
Are the S/S crewneck villains the same weight as the fall villains? Alot of dope items in the Spring collection, keep up the good work.
Please elaborate.
Ready to pull the trigger on a Villain Hoodie. Assume the sizing chart for the Villain Crew is the same as the Hoodie? Looking at pick up the Cast in Carbon too. Why is the price different than the other washes? and when is the main site re-upping on Black Villains?
New Posts  All Forums: