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Honestly forgot about the "+ Co" part. Usually refer to the brand as JE or John Elliott.
^^ I don't get it? Are they changing the brand name?
The sizing down works perfectly, just unsure of the turtleneck now. I might keep unless JE restocks the crewneck.Looks dope with the black co-mix mercer tho.Hope for more JE knitwear going forward.
I stay TTS on the silks. Fits the same.The only tee material thats noticeable different is the co-mix, which length seems a bit shorter.EDIT: Waiting for my black Co-mix Mercer and black Boucle turtle neck to come in, sized down one on the boucle. Hoping it fits good, TTS is way too big.How is everyone wearing their Boucle? I think layering it over a black mercer would be dope.
Good look on picture, that fit is nice. But that has to be black wool.Really hope we get one more drop for Fall but seems doubtful now.Note to JE, we need more Plaster terry please. Plaster and Charcoal are the two best non-mainline terry colors imo.
Both are good choices, depends on how you plan to incorporate them in your look. If you new to JE, get a black villain and olive dual zip. Sidenote: I really hope JE make more terry items without zip.
I have the same question, hopefully there is more to come.
lol freaked out for a sec. Can't wait!!
Silk Blend>
Might be the computer I am on but sizing chart doesn't work for me. Overall the denim looks good. A washed version of Obsidian is going to be sick. Will cop the Kane color when I'm able to determine my size. JE, Is this tee being released for Fall?
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