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Welcome to Texas..
Whats the consensus on chambray or light denim type button-down shirt worn(open and closed) as a light jacket or overshirt during the summer?
How is the painter shirt? Is it light? Does it bleed? trying to determine if I'm going to buy one to wear as a over shirt or light jacket over the spring and summer (particularly my time in Chicago).
Think you so much
Can anyone help ID these boots?
Does anyone if these two shirts have released or where they are available?Orange Shirt [[SPOILER]] Blue big tattersalle [[SPOILER]]
Just started on some Indigo/Indigo WGs and I wanted some tips on stretching the butt and thigh areas. Any tips?
Just a fyi I have some F/W 11 sneakers on sale. I'll provide a ebay link but if any of you want it. I'll bargain with you on a better deal but SF members only. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170788960517
Hey just a heads up I have some N&F Deep Indigo in size 32 for sale, 100 shipped. I going to put them up for sale. They are barely worn as they are a bit tight on me. I've only worn a few times. No fades and No soaks so the starch on them.
So any other shop outside Tate&Yoko selling the WG Highs? Anyone know if there will be a Deep Indigo version?
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