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Will the neck on the mercer tee be a reg crew neck or u neck?
I have the white/black and its pretty dope. I normally dont wear white because it get dirty easy. The texturing on the black vs black is nice. Going to pick up one of those soon. All three are dope though.
Any time frame on when Revolve will receive the Rebel?
Regular crew neck villain is on as JE site. They updated the neck once again and is a true crewneck.
@JohnElliottCo Just ordered the white/black mesh hoodie. Now I want to add the black one. How do I go about doing that without paying double for shipping?
Hope theres a solid black and solid grey option too but geesh this is nice.
Where those mesh hoodies at JE? That ig pic of the white/black one is crazy.
Mind taking a pic of the inside of the denim?
Yes, I put in iphone20 and it worked using the app.
Then your doing something wrong because I copped some Carbons friday on revolve on my gf's ipad.
New Posts  All Forums: