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Charcoal Flash Dual Zip
Wouldn't mind if they expanded upon their terry offerings. Hopefully less zips. Hope we get a Plaster or Oak Kake.
I hope this Kake restock kills the JE re-sellers and deters them in the future.
The Quilted is more of a boatneck. The current villain crew is a true crewneck.
Don't let the negativity bother you. Not sure why a select few feel the need to be that way but whatever.Also you should email JE and ask. Let us know what they say.Check grailed
If you (or anyone) is looking for a S/S Mesh Rebel, you can have my mine. Its the white/black colorway and size 2.I'll sell it for cheap. I've probably wore twice. It just hangs in my closets.
Slightly wider but drapes differently than the tees. If your on the fence, I would suggest purchasing.
Will it be available online?
Fit looks fine in my opinion assuming you can zip it all the way. The material does stretch but will return to original form when you wash it.
This.After seeing a few fit pics of the terry blazer. I want it.
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