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This, he should definitely keep the size 33. It'll stretch a bit and fit perfect.EDIT: Truthfully they fit perfect as is but guess it depends how tight they are to you puckerman.
EDIT: Never mind. Thanks..
Anyone pick up the Spring wash denim?
Overall I like what I see. Was hoping we'd see the return of the Carbon wash or a black wash. I do spy Oak terry
Dark Grey Kake with the cream drawstrings would be goat.Initially, I was disappointed in the Oak color in person but after wearing the tee a few times, its grown on me. May be my eyes, but the tone changes significantly in different lights. Received tons of complements on the tee. Hopefully they produce more in the Fall.Also hoping we get LS Classic Curve in more colors, I want one in Charcoal.
I think he did too, I went TTS on the crewneck and it was really baggy. Didn't look flattering at all.I wasn't too impressed by the lighter terry either.
You guys see any JE FW 2016 coverage?Super excited about that fuzzy material, hope we get it soon (if at all). Still hoping they make a cardigan with that material.EDIT: Never mind, runway show is tomorrow.
Not a dumb question man,Probably so, since its a main line product but would ask JE Customer Service (JE site Contact Us form) for an exact answer. Let us know if you hear back and/or what they say.
John killed this new denim and the price is great too!
Recieved my OS Crew in Washed Black. Size: 2 Medium Would recommend sizing down one, arms are huge. Overall not impressed. Returning ASAP. If anybody wants it, Ill let it go for 155 shipped, otherwise going to request a return tomorrow.
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