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Don't enable the resellers by paying resell prices.
Pigtail is definitely Spring-Summer weight, allows a good amount of air flow to keep you cool. I wore mine over the weekend and its been about mid-60s to low-70s in Texas. Great spring piece and JE killed it.Only complaint, is I wish they would have released the charcoal colorway they previewed at the runway show.
Lets get some pictures of the new Kakes. Any fit pics? What color is the drawstring on the Dark Grey? Looks white in stock photos but cream in the few shots I've seen on IG.
I think JE excludes itself from retailer's sales and promotions to insure that their website inventory moves through out the year.
JE along CDG and Adidas are excluded from that sale. Good look though.
Add the tee before the release, get your size Kake/hyped item and dip. Just a note for next time.And yes, people are exaggerating.Wouldn't be surprised if these released at Machus or Roden Grey. Plus they will obviously release more during FW16.
Its the regular terry so I doubt it will be an instant sellout. If its a part of the Main line, other retailers will probably get it and will be restocked I'm sure. Also, will probably be restocked again during FW16. A little hot in Texas now to cop a hoodie but will get the Dark Grey Kake and stash it for the colder months.
Not even sure what to size up to. 33 is the same measurements minus the waist and foot opening.
Should I size up? They feel a bit tight around the thigh and man region but the stretch definitely helps.They are a size 32 btw. Was initially thinking about sizing up to a 33 but its the same measurements outside of the waist so maybe a 34. [[SPOILER]]
Silk Blend. They came out 2 years ago, It came out in white, grey (oatmeal) and charcoal (heather grey). Check Jbidwal's recent pigtail picture. Best material tee they've produce so far in my opinion. But I haven't handle the pigtail yet tho, I get it mine in today.The recent one posted on IG looks like its the Dark Grey color. The one your referring to (in the runway show) looks to be a different material or composition. I remember seeing a up-close shot of the material....
New Posts  All Forums: