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There is a link to the stockist list on the JE site man. At the very bottom.
@johnelliottfan Same size. Think you if size down with the cropped fit, it'll will look too short.
Never heard the term "flat back" so I googled it and found this on the JE FAQ page. Hope this helps you guys wondering about whats dropping in SS16.
@JohnElliot Will the Charcoal crew sweater John was wearing at the SS16 runway show, be release this season?
Nah , Charcoal Villain>OG Black Villain>>>everything else.
You're being paranoid.
I don't think thats Oak, think its all Charcoal. I bought an Oak LS Curve from a fellow SFer, and the color is way different from the site. Color is dope nonetheless.
Wearing my Black co-mix mercer today and the material of the shirt has changed since I first bought it. Its gained this hairy look now, like an old wool sweater. Not a bad thing but curious if others have experienced the same?
Post pictures please.
Silk blend fit is the same as the regular tees. Go TTS.
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