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They look too baggy imo but if you like the fit then rock on.
Don't sleep on the Pigtail Mercers. One of the best non-terry/denim pieces JE has dropped. Material is light and breathable. For those in cooler states, this would be perfect for spring.
The raw hem denim released today can't be the same ones that John wore with the Trucker Jacket. Those are the one I want, hopefully they drop for Fall.
@John ElliottSize chart isn't working for the Cast 2 cropped.Ew. Thats horrible. Know they'll take care of you though.Hopefully that didn't happen in public.
Finally......I've been waiting on those black raw hem denims and the jorts.
Yes. Recently bought the Springs in the same size I bought my Scarabs a few months back. The Springs fit slightly looser but I think its due to the different denim and how it stacks. They feel much stiffer then the Scarabs too. I love the fit of Scarabs and was looking to replicate that fit.Haven't quite decided what I wanted to do with them yet.
Yup. Unfortunately, I've bought everything I wanted this season. 20 percent off their denim is such a good deal.
Nice fit...How tall are you and how did you size?
I remember reading the burgundy terry wasn't as dark as shown online. Might be worth looking into until Fall.
@JohnElliot Will the Charcoal colorway tees restock soon? I see the model is wearing one in the product photos for the M65.
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