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Same...and still has a slightly oversize look. Would recommend sizing down one @enylsAre you wearing tights underneath your Zincs?
Speaking of Cast 2, Have any of you experienced any noticeably stretching in the washed denim yet? I know there aren't suppose to stretch but real world experience may be different.
Its not suppose to be formal.Need those to release online ASAP. Not a fan of the blazer and sweats though I understand the appeal.@JohnElliot is the off-white color Dune, Clay or Dove?
S/S Classic Curve?
Part of me thought it wouldn't make sense since you guys rock with Nike so much but on the other hand Adidas is aggressively collaborating with brands and trying to dethrone Nike.Either way, thanks for the clarification. Please make release more Classic Curve tees.
Its only been one business day, my man.
Don't enable the resellers by paying resell prices.
Pigtail is definitely Spring-Summer weight, allows a good amount of air flow to keep you cool. I wore mine over the weekend and its been about mid-60s to low-70s in Texas. Great spring piece and JE killed it.Only complaint, is I wish they would have released the charcoal colorway they previewed at the runway show.
New Posts  All Forums: