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What is the true color of the Duck canvas? Almost every picture I see is a different color...i.e. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know any other site selling the super west point fit? Mainly looking at the Black Twill pants...can someone comment on the detail and textures of the twill pants? Do these honeycomb at the back of the knee?
^Is this chino material similar to the N&F Chinos?
Looking for some black 5-pocket chinos with a slim fit. Any help is appreciated...
sarcasm? Guess you didn't get it....oh wellHas anybody picked up the Green Khaki chinos? Wondering about the true color of them, I've seen so many pictures that are different shades of green.
Right above this (quoted) post, Is the answer to your question...Why are you posting your Naked and Famous evo pictures in the Naked and Famous thread?
Top block is the hardest to stretch, I would just keep trying to sell and if you can't take the L.If you try to stretch that part they will likely rip at a seam.Most spring collections generally roll out in mid-Jan. N&F does have a habit of letting their longtime stockist like BlueOwl get certain products well before expected release dates. PM or email Jay (from BlueOwl), he will take care of you.
I want to say they are talking about these... [[SPOILER]]
Thank you so much.. I like the zip backpack alot more than the snaps. The red and charcoal variants look nice but an olive zip would be an instant winner though...
Me neither, can someone post a screen shot of the email? Very interested in seeing how the other variants look.
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