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I stay TTS on everything. Medium tees, Medium Villains, Medium Mercers.
I knew I should have picked one up when they dropped near me. Smh @ me.
If anyone could help me locate a gap mercer in small, would be greatly appreciated. Decided to pass on the shadow capsule villain and get the regular l/s villain. Haven't seen the new dark grey blend yet so excited to see it. The contrasting zipper is fire from the pictures.
Didn't notice how tall the other model was, I may have to take a XS or S in a S/S Villain then compared to my usual M. May pass all together, with that news. Fit pics look a bit long already on him, it would be a dress on me (5 10).
A short sleeve villian!!! I was going to get a dark grey villian crew too. So glad I waited.
Will we know the contents of the Shadow collection this week? Ready to make my next purchase but want to wait out to see whats in the capsule first.
@Jbidwal Tell me about the Nep Flannel, been eyeing it but was sure of the texture and weight. Is like flannel (i.e. hairy)? How would you best describe it?
Please let it be White/Black LS Curve U-Neck from the SS14 lookbook
New fabric? Any details you can discuss about it? Weight? Texture?
Some of you guys are out of hand with your questions, please dont ruin this thread and stop JE from responding.
New Posts  All Forums: