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Dude purchased a hoodie in late 2015 and a year later realizes a tear at a seam. Asked JE for compensation. JE said no with a reasonable explanation. Your saying people bullied him? Multiple members advised him to seek a tailor which is sound advice but that wasnt the answer he wanted so he cried some more.
My black villain still has a place in my wardrobe but not feeling these bright colors. Just not my thing.
At 50% off, get both.
Will there be any non-ripped denim introduced this season?
Hoping we get the new denim tomorrow or Thursday. Hope we get something close to a Coast wash with no rips or a clean medium wash.
Jacquard Thumper?
JE made very few of these. Only a few retailers received them, last one that had stock when I was searching was Holt. Problem is that they don't accept phone orders unless you've physically bought something instore.I'm still on the prowl for a small.
Looking for the Jacquard Thumper Jacket in a size 1/small.
Pricing is same as last year. Wouldn't count on it sitting until late Nov. The newer version looks good but still happy with my turtleneck from last year.
If anyone sees a Jacquard Trucker in small floating around or selling one. Please hit me up.
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