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Silk Blend>>>I agree 100 percent. More expensive production/material/transport equals higher price. If you want it, buy it.With that being said, copping the Grey Loopwheel Villian as I don't own a Light Grey Villian. That draw string looks nice on the Villain.
Whats the last day to order something and receive it before Christmas?
Would assume the pricing is similar to the Villain Crew. Would guess $180. I have mixed feeling about that piece. Wish it didn't have the arm zipper. Probably cop it due to the Charcoal colorway tho.
This, from the GQxGap Holiday collabhttp://www.gq.com/style/fashion/201412/the-gq-for-gap-bnmda-2014-holiday-collection#slide=1
Does the Gap flannel overshirt have side pockets like the JE Snap overshirt?
In regards to the Carbon sizing, is the size 33 and size 33 measurements correct? The waist size doesn't change between the two.
Dark Grey on White looks so sick. Favorite combo this fall. Dark Grey>reg Grey. The contrast of the reverse side looks so crazy. Favorite piece so far this fall.
^^Yea, I noticed that and the Carbon denim is missing as well.
@ribkin NIce fit, what bomber is that?
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