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I hope my stark is long but slim. Honestly I dont like my sweaters to be super short anyway. But does anybody have any experience with the Naval Sweater?
Thanks for the advice guys, getting a small. Honestly I'm new to SNS but Im liking some of the textures I see. Might get the all Navy Naval crew and a Fishermen...
I'm wondering what size should I get in the Stark (black). I'm 5 9ish and about 151. Skinny athletic with broad shoulders. I'm confused on sizing as there seems to be a lot of inconsistency. I want a fit similar to the fit pics from indigo&cotton or StanleyVanBuren's fit pic. I'm leaning towards a small. [[SPOILER]]
Looking for a Black sweater vest, preferably with some knit like waffle or cable knit. Any help please?
I was actually going to ask about the blazer's fit. But I'm 5'9-10ish and 150 lbs. I wonder if I should get a S or M. I plan on layering with sweater/buttonup and wearing a tee/vneck or buttonup,
Depends on the fabric, which Skinny guys do you have?
I agree, the pacman pin is tacky but the sweater is nice specifically the texture.
Fit is great, quality is decent but good for price point. I speaking from their older chinos so I have no experience with the new ones but I will def get a pair or two
I know this is a stretch but anyone who copped the new Camo shirt in small think about selling it I would mind taking it off your hands.
Was originally looking for this thread but I posted this in different thread... Should I? Or Should I not?
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