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Heard there is a new cut called TheRegularGuy coming in Spring (according to denimgeek.com). I wonder if it the same as the WeirdGuy High but renamed or a completely different cut.
That new fabric looks nice and what are zippies?
^^^ how does the Japanese combed twill feel? Is it considerably heavier?
I'll work on the pics. I'm a US11 and got a 44. They fit me pretty well. Im gonna wear mine a bit loose tho. With my jeans falling on top but not over the tongue.
So I got my pair of Black Hi Tops...and I must say these joints are impressive. Very sturdy and solid feeling. Worth the wait and price imo..
Still has any one see these?
FourHorsemen are great, Ive dealt with Guy directly and dude is very professional. also does anyone know if its safe to dry clean last season's Plaid Pique Polos?
Is the black oxford with the white buttons ever going to rerelease?
Anybody know where I can cop this buttondown in black and size small? There was a black color option originally. http://www.francesmay.com/designers/gitman/gitman-two-pocket-button-down-
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