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You think the Camo shirts will make it to sale as well? But Those pants are nice. I may have to add them to my cop list for sure...
According to W+H site, No in regards to the super westpoint fit....but they have size on there site, check it out for the other pants.but I wanted to ask if the "super westpoint" fit was new? Is slimmer then the regular Westpoint or a more drastic taper. And if anyone could chime in on the Twill pants it would be greatly appreciated.
If you haven't already, I suggest picking up the low tensions. These will be my next go-to jeans, they are very comfortable and not very rigid. The run seems to fit slimmer than other WGs I've seen but not enough to size up. I think they are perfect in that respect. Will post pics soon..
Getting the Ducks (SG) and those lovely green chinos. I wish NF would make some black chinos. With that said, anyone have info on the Kamikaze x NF collabo?
https://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=NAKE-MJ70After you place your order call customer service for the new customer discount and you will get 30% off. I think you'll get free shipping as well for a order over $75.
This is true, They are very well made. I had a pair of the Hi-tops from F/W 11. They may look filmsy in photos but they are very sturdy and suede is nice. I sold mine though but I'm looking to get the black cap lo's.This season is pretty good. Way better then S/S12 imo,
So in the banner of the backpack secret shop, I see two packs that resemble the one's currently available. So is the banner showing the true colors of the packs?
[[SPOILER]] ^^^^About the closest thing to what you said...not Deep Indigo but still dark.
Anybody purchase the WG highs yet? Thoughts about the fit?
Wings + Horns Black Suede Hi-Top Sneakers EU size 44 (US size 11) Lightly worn, worn 5 times max Suede and sole is fresh. No marks on the suede. Comes with original laces and dust bag. Ship USPS, delivery confirmation BIN: $260 Shipped
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