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Quote: Originally Posted by itsnotforgirls Ha, and that's how to hijack someone's thread .... Check you PMs. I'm looking to do some columns for online publications.
[[SPOILER]] Any info on the tie he's wearing?
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town I've never done skinny guys, but it seems N&F stretches quite a bit in general. Do you wear a belt? if so, you shouldn't have to worry about it much if they fit well after a couple days of initial stretch. Maybe someone here has experience with this specific jean on the barneys site; i'm not sure if it's the same as the deep indigo....sorrry. Those are Nep Selvedge and agreed if you wear a belt they wont...
Been lurking this thread for a bit but ...How do i become a tote holder?
[[SPOILER]] Any info on the tie he's wearing? 1+ those W+H HiTops...the W+H Cowichan Sweater is nice too and some Roberu boots.
Unbranded, heard the quality is good for the price.
Looking for a nice black leather strap with silver or titanium case and white face, any ideas? Big face preferred but not mandatory.
Preordered a eu44 (us:size 11) in the Hi Black toe caps..Heard from several sources who've handled the samples that these are amazing and excellent quality lets hope this holds true in production. I love the design.
I know this is wayyyy out of season but anyone know of a nice grey or grey speckle shawl (or regular v) cardigan with brown leather buttons or reg brown buttons? [[SPOILER]] What cardy is this btw?
Quote: Originally Posted by jeans12345 To really clarify my question a bit, I was asking will they loosen up because they are so tough and "give" a bit more where it's tight, or will they shrink a bunch when I wash them because they are unwashed? Or both? I don't know, I'm just trying to get some answers from people who have actually worn the brand, because so much of the advice that I've read on the internet about raw denim is...
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