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Hey, thinking about selling my F/W11 fair isle tie. if anyone wants to buy it. I'm selling for cheaper than what you would get retail plus it hasn't been worn out. 150 shipped, PM me.
Wore my stark for the first time today and its so warm and comfortable. It'll def get alot of wear this winter. Anyone know where I can find the Ration Cardigan in Maroon?
You were right, received on the next bus day which was today. I love this sweater..the length is perfect, its really slim and long. I'm 5 9ish, 150, 39 chest got a small as recommended by Roden Gray and love the fit. Ill post pics tomorrow.
No [[SPOILER]] and Im going to have to pick these pick..
It would be better to wait till Black Friday sales. Try Barneys then or order online from reputable stores. Honestly I rarely purchase clothes locally as the selection sucks imo.
Im completely freaked out, I ordered a Black Stark from RG. USPS says its delivered but I got nothing in the mail. I'm PO'ed and freaked out as I don't want to be out $300 plus for nothing.
Isn't this new line suppose to be cheaper then the reg CPs? Regardless those canvas grey lows and mids like nice...especially for SS
If those were SkinnyGuys I would cop....nice fall color. Might cop them anyway
Indeed, I bought me a Stark (solid black) from Roden. Now I wanna get the Ratio caridgan but I don't know if I wanna get the Maroon or Sea Blue or Black Melange.
Looking for some knit accesories, Looking for a knit beanie and scarf. Any have any suggestions or knits they were looking at?
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