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I need these two shirts in my life. Will the blue/white tattersall be restocked?
I know your pain its so hot in Texas and its hard to dress stylish at times. I put most of my nicer pieces on hiatus till cooler weather. Unfortunately I don't like BR too much so I can't help you there. I would wait and check regularly until you find a piece you like. Also note where in between season right now so all the stuff left now wouldn't be extraordinary.
Should I cop this cardigan in Black?
Anyone have any experience in the Charcoal Double Layer Cardigan? Is the Charcoal darker in person? Hows the quality and fit?
Best way to find your size is to go try em on. Find a local retailer or do trial and error over the net (talk to some of the SF affiliates that carry N&F and I'm sure they will work with you to find your right size). The general accepted rule in N&F amongs SF, HB,Supertalk and even N&F themselves is... SkinnyGuy = TTS (looser fit is size up 1) Weird Guy = Sized down one Slim Guy = Sized one or two. I have found this to work in most occasions. But regardless of the sizing...
That salmon colored shirt brandon got on it nice...is that N&F? FW11 or SS12?
Looking for some skinny with 35+ inseam Charcoal grey chinos or trousers.
So as I purchase my tote I want to get a shirt aswell. This will be my first WvG piece so I was looking at the W/B Gingham. Anybody have any experience with the After Dinner (Relaxed) fit? I like my cloths for slim but not pasted to my ribs ish. So would the relaxed fit be too baggy?
So are the Solid Black WGs measurements same as the other? If its not too burdening Jay could you measure the waist size and inseam of a sz31 please?
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide these were recently released Thanks..def thinking about copping those too but Dnt know if I should get the dark hickory or light hickory... Also those oxfords don't fit exactly what I'm looking for I want thinner stripes.
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