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They are worth it, quality and fit are great.Silk blend>CoMix>Regular.
That can't be true. Doesn't make sense.For those with the Mix Grey Terry and the Dark Grey Terry, how do they compare?
That washed lamb rider is unreal.
I've only experienced the Nep flannel but I would say no. The fit is weird. The fit of the black check may be different though. I do recall someone earlier saying the Black check fabric wasn't up to par with the price point.
Received my latest purchase. The Co-mix is nice. Way better than their regular tees but not as good as the Silk blends. Ordered the Nep Flannel, not sure if I'm going to keep it or not. Its not heavy at all, could probably be worn during the Spring. Wanted to layer it over a Mercer tee and under a light jacket, I'll try that look on tomorrow and see.
This x2The melange pieces are flames especially the escobars.Hope most of my favorite items make production tho. Still want that Light wash denim jacket from the SS14 lookbook.EDIT: Excited for my Co-mix tees to arrive tomorrow.
Will the new Linen Snap overshirt only come in grey?
Co-mix tees definitely delivered!
Need those Co-mix tees to drop.
@srizvi722 Have you considered sizing down? Excuse me if you've experimented with this idea before. It looks really baggy.
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