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That jacket looks nice... @Mauro Check you pm please...tell me if everythin is fine.
Indeed I was thinking of wearing it that way. Intially worried about looking bulky, just have to make sure its all slim fitting. Thanks I'll def have to cop this vest now.
I dont see the Med Red Tattersale online...I hope it didn't sell out already.
So as Fall is slowing moving in, I'm totally want a vest or two. One atleast being a puffer (puffy) vest. What do you guys wear under it? I know you can sport a buttondown but what about a cardigan or other types of sweaters?
I second this...can you post some fit pics of the shirt?
Anybody have any info on this cardigan? I've never owned anything from RRL but I do have other RL stuff...does RRL fit slim or classic? This cardigan is selling in a small and I'm usually a medium and small in most brands (W+H, WvG, JCrew and etc...)
With that said, if I'm normally a 32 in the SkinnyG and 31 in the WGs, which size should I get in the LHT?
[[SPOILER]] New pics of the F/W 11 Sneakers...can't wait!
35 inseam for Reg Indigo... and does anyone have any experience with the new WG Charcoal Herringbones? Considering copping those and the maybe the LHTs. Close up pics would be great.
Don't see the Red/Maroon on the online site. have those released yet?
New Posts  All Forums: