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Before I pull the trigger does anybody think or know if Roden Gray will have a Black Friday sale?
Thinking the same, guess I'll save them for really dry days.and @Max-tTheres a bunch of Meds floating around but no Smalls. I swear there was a site I was looking at that had a small in that vest.
So how are people's W+H Black Suede sneaks looking and holding up? Wore mine a hand ful of times maybe a bit more and look great still. Slight crease on the leather not noticeable unless you look real close. Winter weather is coming around, anyone waterproof their suede or whats the general opinion on that.
Have 400 or so I want to spend , should I get a SNS Herning Stark (Black) or some Common Proj shell toe Highs (Brown)? The other I'll buy later.
I've worn mine with black chinos, dark navy chino and really dark indigo denims..Shirt color is amazing. I love it.
What henley are your referring to? and I saw the tweed knickers and sport coat on WvG tumblr and......gorgeous, simply gorgeous. EDIT: Nevermind, thought the henley was something new coming out.
Trying to get some more brown in foot wear, I'm sold on these Common Projects but can't find boots I'm completely sold on. Doesn't snow much in Dallas so boot aren't essential but I wonder how these would hold up during snow and rain. Opinions?
Should I? Made from Horween Leather fyi...
I would get the Navy or Maroon personally though I'm getting the solid black.
Indy wont draft luck they have other immediate concerns and they can get another three to four years out of Peyton. Luck probably doesn't want to sit for three to four years plus this is a golden opportunity for Indy to upgrade their D or running game.
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