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So in the banner of the backpack secret shop, I see two packs that resemble the one's currently available. So is the banner showing the true colors of the packs?
[[SPOILER]] ^^^^About the closest thing to what you said...not Deep Indigo but still dark.
Anybody purchase the WG highs yet? Thoughts about the fit?
Wings + Horns Black Suede Hi-Top Sneakers EU size 44 (US size 11) Lightly worn, worn 5 times max Suede and sole is fresh. No marks on the suede. Comes with original laces and dust bag. Ship USPS, delivery confirmation BIN: $260 Shipped
Leave it to KL to overkill a collabo with N&F...
Welcome to Texas..
Whats the consensus on chambray or light denim type button-down shirt worn(open and closed) as a light jacket or overshirt during the summer?
How is the painter shirt? Is it light? Does it bleed? trying to determine if I'm going to buy one to wear as a over shirt or light jacket over the spring and summer (particularly my time in Chicago).
Think you so much
Can anyone help ID these boots?
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