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Will the Flight Jacket restock in Plaster? Boucle sweats and a sweater will be copped tomorrow though. Wonder how the neck will be on the crewneck, pictures are loose but its called crew neck soooo....
I really don't get the fuss. The mainline prices haven't gone up. But some of you guys want newly released items on discount because you feel its too expensive. Just don't buy it or be patience and wait for a discount. You guys talking about "bad business practices" is hilarious tho.
Fall 15 has been dope so far. Waiting for the rest of the melange items to drop before I cop the Boucle sweats but curious about this tee. Looks like its a plaster colorway too. Also excited to see SS Villain crews. Wasn't excepting that.
Destroyed denim next year. Boucle sweats look flames, that and the turtle neck going to be cozy.
Ended up not copping the Ripple, will wait and see what else Fall brings. Hope the turtleneck is still dropping.@JohnElliottCoI really hope so..
I'll wait for product pics but right now, I don't get the fishtail crewneck. Maybe some fit pics will change my mind. Anyway the ripple tee will be had though. Really hope there's a black colorway.
Black Co-Mix is needed.Plaster Villain would be nice too...
Will the Villain or Villain crew drop in the Plaster color? Will there be any new blends uses for tees this season? Silk and Co-Mix were all flames.
S/S 16 is okay. Hoping the cut off shorts John is wearing is a JE item.
Anyone kind enough to share the lookbook, would be appreciated. Really hoping the static sweater makes the cut. A must have imo. Interested in trying the tech gear out too.
New Posts  All Forums: