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Good look on picture, that fit is nice. But that has to be black wool.Really hope we get one more drop for Fall but seems doubtful now.Note to JE, we need more Plaster terry please. Plaster and Charcoal are the two best non-mainline terry colors imo.
Both are good choices, depends on how you plan to incorporate them in your look. If you new to JE, get a black villain and olive dual zip. Sidenote: I really hope JE make more terry items without zip.
I have the same question, hopefully there is more to come.
lol freaked out for a sec. Can't wait!!
Silk Blend>
Might be the computer I am on but sizing chart doesn't work for me. Overall the denim looks good. A washed version of Obsidian is going to be sick. Will cop the Kane color when I'm able to determine my size. JE, Is this tee being released for Fall?
I noticed that this morning. Stacking looks good too, perhaps a longer inseam? That guy is 6 1 and stacks well, don't remember the Mica stacking as much on Lucky (sp) who is a similar height.Think it's the lighting they use.
Villain Crew in Plaster please...
Dry clean, but I probably wear each tee maybe once or twice a month.
Silk blend is great, hope we have a new addition soon.Silk Blend Charcoal>> absolute favorite JE tee I have.The oatmeal/grey color is pretty nice and prefer the silk white over the co-mix white.
New Posts  All Forums: