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Since this is the 3rd edition of the Elephants, the original concept is overlooked. They are called "Elephants" because the textures resembles Elephant skin, the outer texture is rigid while the weft is soft and gentle. More comfortable than most heavyweight denims. The Dark and rich indigo color is absolutely beautiful if it resembles the original ones.You should get the Elephants!
Any word on a Merlot and Forest restock in the tees? And the new S/S colors for the tees and the Denim bag collection looks promising.
Anybody have a pair of Innevas? Wondering if I should stay TTS or size up. I have a wide foot, I wear a 11 in roshes (mesh) but when I tried the woven ones they were all uncomfortable. I remember hearing the Innevas can adjust width but not sure how true that is.
SNS Herning Stark Color: Black Size: Small BIN: 220 + paypal Great condition "Size Small 20" Chest at Armholes, 28" Center Back Length" Its stretches during wear so if you are a 20" - 22" CHEST you should be good Fall 2011 (Original fit) Worn a hand full of times Kept in a smoke free- environment Briefly hung for photo purpose (2 minutes, otherwise kept folded)
Wish the Emerald cashmere wasn't in such short supply. This is a long shot but.....anyone have a emerald cardigan in small, they might consider selling. PM me..
I know Fall is winding down, will there be a restock on the Emerald cardigans?
The emerald cardigan says "sold out" now. Will there be a restock?
Good to have you back Nan but lets talk about the cardigans? With all that said, there's only so much one can do to balance the low price/high quality (that struggle).
Thank you for the insight. You know if they are restocking the Camo shirts? I ordered one from a UK site about 2 weeks ago and still waiting mostly due to Hurricane Sandy. Hope it works out but if it doesn't a restock would be nice.As far as the pants, I need to get me a pair in Black very soon. I'll wait for the restock though, maybe a US site will get them.
New Posts  All Forums: