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Pricing is same as last year. Wouldn't count on it sitting until late Nov. The newer version looks good but still happy with my turtleneck from last year.
If anyone sees a Jacquard Trucker in small floating around or selling one. Please hit me up.
The Thumper is amazing, unfortunately missed my size (Small). @John Elliott Will retailers receive the jacket?
Crossing my fingers and hoping the new Black Wool bomber made production this time around. The grey one from FW15 is pretty dope but the FW16 version with RiRi zips and shoulder details look amazing.
Speaking of resell. Dudes selling the new flannels for $300 Anyway the Marled Kake looks interesting. Wish you could provide more pictures instead of trying to make a small profit.
@John ElliottDid the wool bomber with shoulder details make production?
^ ^ They'll release at other retailers. Don't know the time line.
This...@John Elliott will retailers get the flannels as well?
Thank you for the pictures. I agree with @seraphm2, they don't look like the Springs to me. But they do look amazing. Can't wait for my pair.
Would you mind taking a pic of the Plumas, Springs and Coast together? For a color comparison.
New Posts  All Forums: