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The length on the cardigan in the photos compared to the size chart doesn't make sense. I'm all types of confused on what size to buy or if I should size down.
Yea..JE added Rayon to the Charcoal Co-Mix, I like the updated texture and drape.
I'm hoping their not too long but also curious to what the difference will be between the two versions that Mike talked about.. My hope one is will be extended and the other is normal length.
Lmao this thread has been highly entertaining today.
Jacket is horrible fam.
Have any pics of this?Didn't watch the live show, very anxious to see the collection.
Agreed, their preview on IG had a thumper with zippers and assortment of blue wash denim.
Dry clean is your best bet.
The black denim doesn't look washed to me. Lookbook is fire, didn't expect to like it as much. Knits look good especially the black cardigan. White thumper is a must cop.
JE stepping up their footwear. JE Slides and updated Highs look good.
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