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This...@John Elliott will retailers get the flannels as well?
Thank you for the pictures. I agree with @seraphm2, they don't look like the Springs to me. But they do look amazing. Can't wait for my pair.
Would you mind taking a pic of the Plumas, Springs and Coast together? For a color comparison.
Its up on the site right now.Fall 16 is officially my favorite collection from JE. Delivery 1 looks amazing. A lot of must have items.
@John Elliott Does the LS Classic Mercer tee have a crewneck?
That is the exact one from the runway show. There were up close shots of it.
It'll be fine.I set mine at the lowest gentle cycle, no holes and my shirts all feel the same. I hang dry after.
Have a feeling some fire is about to drop Monday. Hoping we get the Fall 16 denim.
The FW16 denim washes look nice. Really hope we get these new colors in the Classic Curve.
Its not the same one. The one your referring to is a part of the Fall collection.
New Posts  All Forums: