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@srizvi722 Have you considered sizing down? Excuse me if you've experimented with this idea before. It looks really baggy.
There will be a restock or two before the season ends.Its a new color and new model so not surprise the midnight rue sold out quickly.
If you miss out initially, just just pick it up during one of the many restocks over the next 4-5 months. Not that crucial.
Saw a preview of the Dune bomber, looks good. Undecided on which one to get. Also seems the look book is dropping tomorrow.
Don't like the zipper placement on the Clash and the Rue.
Believe that hoodie was designed to be layered with the u neck. I would guess an u-neck. It is pretty dope.
Nah, not that one.This one
Super excited about Spring 15 dropping next week. Hope the new flannel is included in the drop.
Layered my standard Black Villian under a leather jacket last night.A regular length s/s Villian would have so perfect.
I find the newer villains to fit smaller than the original ones, could be it stretching over time but my first villain fits perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: