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My favorite spring combo is currently white tee, grey denim (Scarabs) and sand/tan suede boots.
Those don't look like Mr.P Carbons to me. Carbons have a bit more distressing, aren't straight black like that. The subtle wash on the Mr.P Carbons look more realistic compared to other black washes I've seen.. JE should rerelease the denim from that capsule tho. Sure they would sell like crazy.
Roden Gray just dropped a few new SS17 items including the Skittle Thumper and Sail Jacket. Still undecided on the skittle wash on tops. Also the Linen Cardigan looks much different on RG. Looks horrible if I'm being honest.
After yesterdays drop, thought I was done with JE for the season. Apparently not.. Swim Capsule looks better than I expected. Mainly interested in the fuzzy hoodie and slides. I wonder if the ombre jacket made production.
Keep in mind the paint on Cobas and Scarabs varies from pair to pair. The paint on Scarabs doesn't stand out since white on grey and its little specks here and there. Still my favorite pair of JE denim followed by the Carbon 2.0. That being said, tomorrow is about to be lit. New white hi-tops, Cotton cardi and waffle crew dropping.
I think it fits good. Closer to a standard cardigan fit but not bad at all. Maybe it'll look better with a longer tee underneath. The rolled collar is where its at with these cardigans though. My question to those who own it, are the inside edges unfinished?
I have the same size in both. The Scarabs stack differently due to the distressing at the bottom but fit the same.
@srizvi722 Thanks for the photos definitely picking Raschel shorts in black and grey now. You both should size down on the cardigan if you cant though. Really hoping the other cardigan is more standard length.
Think those are different. The denim in the IG post were shown in the FW 17 runway show.
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