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Dark Grey on White looks so sick. Favorite combo this fall. Dark Grey>reg Grey. The contrast of the reverse side looks so crazy. Favorite piece so far this fall.
^^Yea, I noticed that and the Carbon denim is missing as well.
@ribkin NIce fit, what bomber is that?
Will Charcoal ever be released on regular length tees and Mercer tees?
Those reverse terry sleeves look so legit. Will the charcoal colorway release in any other variations in future? S/S crew or mercer?
Examining the collection pictures. I think your right.Sorry about that.
No, only releasing a charcoal l/s mercer (extended cut) and l/s charcoal uneck. The s/s villain is dark grey blend. I do hope the charcoal colorway releases in the normal cut down the road.
I stay TTS on everything. Medium tees, Medium Villains, Medium Mercers.
I knew I should have picked one up when they dropped near me. Smh @ me.
New Posts  All Forums: