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Black Co-Mix is needed.Plaster Villain would be nice too...
Will the Villain or Villain crew drop in the Plaster color? Will there be any new blends uses for tees this season? Silk and Co-Mix were all flames.
S/S 16 is okay. Hoping the cut off shorts John is wearing is a JE item.
Anyone kind enough to share the lookbook, would be appreciated. Really hoping the static sweater makes the cut. A must have imo. Interested in trying the tech gear out too.
Will this capsule release on online?
Black = silver zipperpitch black = matte black zipperMedium
Will the static turtle neck sweater with the split hem make production? Please say it will..
Same weight too?
Black S/S Villian will be copped.
From personal experience, I can't sized down on the tee from my villian size. I wear medium in both. But sizing guide should guide you to the right answer. If in doubt, buy both sizes.
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