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Will this capsule release on online?
Black = silver zipperpitch black = matte black zipperMedium
Will the static turtle neck sweater with the split hem make production? Please say it will..
Same weight too?
Black S/S Villian will be copped.
From personal experience, I can't sized down on the tee from my villian size. I wear medium in both. But sizing guide should guide you to the right answer. If in doubt, buy both sizes.
That shirt just doesn't fit good at all. As far as layering, correctly sized JE tee should give a similar length. JE tees are long and slim. If this is your first JE tee purchase, I would recommend the Co-Mix or Silk Blend (well worth it in my opinion).
That Turtleneck is flames. Can't quite tell from the pics on IG but looks like it has a "mercer" hem with the elongated back.
That charcoal color is so dope but not a fan of the Clash tho. Need that charcoal Tee or Villain though.InB4"Why would JE release this during the workday""Why would JE not announce a highly anticipated item""JE business model is XYZ guys, I know! because I work in the industry. Hes evil and wants to starve you kids by designing clothes and charges for such service"Prepare JE rep, because its coming. [[SPOILER]]
Not liking the red contrast on the S/S Villain, but on the bright side. Maybe JE will release those in their standard colors without contrast. I also co-sign releasing the Co-mix in more colors. My standard tees have gotten very little wear since receiving my Co-mix tees. Co-mix black is needed.
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