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I'm mulling over the notion of a new laptop, and Lenovo keeps coming up as a high-quality choice.Apart from basic surfing and MS Office kinds of things, the most exotic chore I'm likely to be doing is managing audio downloads/conversions, and perhaps video once I get the audio junk figured out. That plus the odd bout of video games for the kids. Is there an attribute especially useful (or harmful) to this set of chores?On a related note, Firefox just froze up in my...
Just saw a review of the Gran Coupe, and the author was happier with the looks than the driving ability. Ah, well-- back on Earth, I bought a Subaru Outback today to replace the Volvo, which was developing some electrical problems as well as becoming too small in the back seat for my growing son. Looking forward to taking delivery next weekend.
Perhaps a P2 in cordovan or some other stout stuff. Or a small 3636?
I was just sending a bunch of belts in to get shortened, and noticed that they were looking a tad scruffy. Nothing awful, but also nothing that I'd be pleased to see on the retail rack. I tend not to think about belts much except to choose the color in the morning. And I've never considered conditioning or polishing them because they might spend their day rubbing against some high-priced trousers. What do you all do to maintain belts? And for what reason would you ever...
If you need dark brown, then you really need it. Otherwise, the whiskey is a really stunning look for a casual shoe. I have almost the same thing in antik Cognac (welted, no taps), and I like it very much.
eBay is sometimes another option.
Very true. I think in times gone by there may have been expansions of one theme (tech bubble, or whatever), but I've never seen a single stock so dominate an issue. If you google around, there are some interesting observations on the publication-- it seems that the editor/publisher is even weirder than one would expect. The same reports suggest that he's had some personal reason not to have put out an issue for a while. So is he swinging extra hard as he comes off the...
Afraid so.
Not that I take trading (or long-term investing) advice from economists, but here's another way to start the week off well:http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/25/opinion/krugman-the-great-abdication.html?hp
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