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Donegal might be a little too squishy for trouser wear. Consider Porter & Harding Thornprooffor most of the look with a bit more firmness.
Doesn't matter too much. I have an office in the financial district and often have reason to get up to Cambridge. And since I'm commuting in from the west, Back Bay is very easy to hit.
Thanks, I'll look into that. I seem to recall that Joe doesn't work on shirts at all. Perhaps he didn't have enough of that work to keep a shirtmaker in his menage. Or maybe I'm just too far down on his totem pole.
Anyone know of a good tailor/seamstress who can work on shirts? I just need a few sleeves shortened by moving French cuffs up a bit. Since the seams will largely be hidden by the folded cuff, the need for cosmetic perfection won't be great. Is this something that anyone would trust to the guy with the machine at the dry-cleaners?
I fit P2 oxfords quite well, but the F oxford of the same size is unnecessarily tight across the laces. The gap at the top of the laces is about 1cm too much, and there's a real lack of comfort.So, P2 is higher/wider as far as the instep goes. Whether that is a good or bad thing will depend on your feet.
The Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth book and the Worsted Alsport are both worth a look for sport coats. Neither are summer wear in the American sense, but if you don't need tons of breathing space they can be quite attractive.The patterns of navy you're thinking of for suits are harder. They don't tend to get made in lighter weights. One exception is the Lesser 120s 10oz book-- which isn't the hardest wearing thing around, but tailors very well. It's more of a...
P2 has a higher instep than F, although a wide fitting of F might solve that and the other problems as well.
Their diamond patterns are lighter still, IIRC. Small but nice collection.
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