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If you think you'll be a partner, and a good one, and it's what you really want to do, then 1. Otherwise, 2-- and use the extra hours to stay alert and look for alternatives. This assuming that the jobs are equally good in terms of colleagues, content, etc. And is Option 2 some incredibly expendable part of the firm that's offering it?
Quite true-- and I haven't done anything to date that would indicate that I disagree with you.Ya never know, though. I'm poking through some graduate coursework again and enjoying it-- if it turns into a master's, then we'll see where that goes. Luckily, there will be no economic consequence either way-- but that's my life, not anyone else's.
A lot of good comments following that article-- on both sides.Here's another, which (while not mentioning SF directly) puts some of the economic arguments in a different light. http://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2011/01/24/ennis
I've not had that done-- it might be possible but would take some planning. At this point, I go straight to forward fitting and except for a few sleeve errors or weight changes I really haven't needed a second look at what they do.A&S might actually be more able to do that than Steed or some of the smaller houses, as they have a lot of guys on staff and in their work pool. Edwin has a much smaller crew and is very organized about setting up his quarterly rhythm for US...
If you don't wish to be too clever, Vanguard has a lot of products that will simplify your life. You could buy one of their index funds (like the Total World Stock fund), or if you want to go active, there's a Dividend Growth fund that isn't a bad thing to do right now.
There isn't much positive benefit that I can see, especially if you have a good MBA. Maybe you avoid a negative judgment here and there, or put out a signal if there's some doubt about your interests when someone looks at the rest of your resume. And perhaps the meetings are good for networking. I did once meet an investment firm that required all of their professionals to take it and would fire them if they took too long to pass. But they struck me as a pretty...
Who did the ones second, and fourth from the bottom?
Nothing wrong with oxblood, which they do very well, but the antik cognac is a nice brown. I have that in the Norweger and like very much.
Tan shoes with galoshes.
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