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John Kenneth Galbraith writes of a Depression-era senator from Nebraska or somewhere out on the plains who bought his suits on Savile Row. He would show them off at campaign appearances, proudly tell everyone the price, and then say that he wanted nothing more than for his constituents to all be able to afford one.
With that constricted rear end? Doesn't make sense.
I have a single pair from Foster.
You could go even further, as I do, and say that you have a diversified portfolio of lottery tickets. That way, when one of them pays off, nobody will be surprised.
Check his website-- that will have a sampling of what he does. For more info, you'll find that he's very responsive to phone or e-mail (if you remember that he's more or less his only employee).
Perry will do a completely bespoke last. He's not the only one who will do the lengthy measurement, foam impressions, gait analysis, etc., but he's the one of that bunch who has produced the best results for me. (There are other, lower-tech makers whose work I also like-- and who might do well for you also.)Since you're already talking about travelling to see somebody, you might think about the London makers who come to NY (or other major US cities), or hop a flight for...
Acquiring a backbone is not the same as getting boned from the back.
My brother-in-law got a PhD in chemistry from one of the top universities in his field, and further appalled his lawyer father by announcing that he wanted to teach high school. He moved to the middle of nowhere in Illinois (where my sister got a job teaching undergrads with HER PhD), and found that the hiring politics in the public schools were so weird that he couldn't get work except for occasional subbing and maintaining the computer center.
http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/williams-bordeaux-wine-glass/?pkey=ctabletop-stemware These are excellent medium-price options, and they make a similar string of Burgundy goblets.
A card. With all the words written by you.
New Posts  All Forums: