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That's my bet. You'll notice that the shoulders look pretty crisp even though Steed uses construction on the soft side. The joys of 18oz flannel!
I think that's the color I got. Midnight charcoal, or something? I didn't dare risk a 3-piece, though.
This is worth pinning. A very nice addition to their site. Now if they had direct side-by-side comparisons of same-sized lasts, maybe over graph paper...
Yes. The good thing about an IRA, apart from not paying taxes while the money is in the account, is that you get the deposit taken off your income this year. So for most people, that means reducing taxes on salary today (high) and getting taxed on ordinary income when you take it out (when the assumption is that you'll be in a lower bracket).If that isn't true, either because of tax policy or because you'll have too much income to count on a lower bracket when you're...
That is the direct source, I believe.
Depends on a lot of things. Some tailors can and will do anything. But you also have to trust their eye-- they have a vision of what makes a man look good, and may have a particular notion of how they can get you there. Asking for something different may produce a result that is literally correct but doesn't work too well.
If I ever find myself needing something resembling morning dress, I have a ventless, flap-less, almost-black herringbone DB suit that could be pressed into that sort of service. But I won't be happy on the day my doctor shows up wearing that rig in the office.
Not a huge amount compared to some, but just often enough to worry about efficient packing. I suppose that if I did more of it, and all the same kind, I'd have my system completely down. Sadly, on those long flights (or in dull meetings), there is the temptation to draw grids with inventory, gaps, places to purchase more... Bad stuff, really. I'm always glad when I'm busy enough not to get distracted in this way.
I'm re-thinking my travel wardrobes. The ideal is to have a collection of shoes all from the same last, so I can save space by omitting at least one pair of trees. Wear one, pack one (or two). For a longer trip, pack three but use only two sets of trees, and stuff boxers and socks in the third pair. The trick is finding the right combination for the road. Two-day business trips = 2 black oxfords (unless it's in California). Wear one on the train to NY, pack one for...
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