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It seems that this ultra-limited-edition still has a few copies for sale. Who would have thought? Anyone seen or driven one? Does the Rolls-Royceing of the interior include a bit more noise insulation?
Who knew? Optics is an amazing field.
This is likely P2. The toe appears to be longer and narrower at the end than on 3636.
Normally, I wouldn't be that interested either-- and certainly don't like the ones that are really obvious. It happens, though, that they combine to produce the sail number of a boat I'm rather fond of. So if they whisper their identity, that's OK. A discreet monogram.Somewhere, there's a Credor with a porcelain face that makes an even more subtle hint toward those numerals. For a lot more $$, though.
http://www.credor.com/video/6870/video.html http://www.credor.com/lineup/node/gcaq995/ http://www.credor.com/lineup/node/ I buy watches as eagerly as I buy new cars, but this one is on the list for the eventual "nice silver/white/black strap very dressy watch" bucket. Along with the VC Traditionelle small-second manual, the PP 5196G, and (being a tad more practical), the Nomos 38mm Orion.
Yeah-- some soft crepe soles or honey-colored vibram would be a nice addition to their lineup.
Measurements? Bespoke? Do none of the lasts fit you?
38mm, in-house movements, roughly the same good looks as the 42mm models. (At twice the price.) http://www.watchwallpapers.com/50an.htm
I don't think there's a last that their Norwegers don't look good on. And it's a great color. I have a pair in Antik Cognac calf, and it's roughly the same if a little less exotic.
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