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Speaking of A&S expats (of a different sort), John Hitchcock will be retiring from the mother ship this summer. He still has the PoW's royal warrant, so there may still be some work to do on that front.http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/tailoring-blog/
I like those three also. Remember that 24oz is a pretty sizeable investment in warmth and bulk. Given the choice, I'd probably bite on the Kirkton.
How does your new brown suit look?
How does that work?"Hey, thanks-- I owe you a beer.""That's OK, just get 2.5m of this special order tweed I heard about and send it to my tailor."
There are minimums-- different levels depending on whether they can serve you from the US or if they have to order from India. But it's not expensive cloth. Even taking hugely conservative lengths to cover the pattern and breast pocket, shipping, and duty, it's about $35/shirt.
I just ordered a bunch of some like that, and snagged some bleeding stuff off eBay. So Ascot Chang will have a little work to do between now and the end of June.
It looks like a good suit. Congratulations!
Best for Sunday, next-best for work, third-best for the garden.
Figure out what the actual color will be and I might be in for a little.
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