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In the same building as Paris, there is Geneva, which Manton has come to prefer. Your mileage may vary. Depending on the strength of the pound, you might also consider a London maker who travels. There are some drawbacks to that, but if you find the right firm all can be tolerated.
Where in Midwest? A barn in eastern Ohio, or the Chicago Lyric? Anyway, aim it as though you were going to church or maybe a brunch or afternoon tea at a good restaurant. Nice blazer or not-so-glossy suit for him, medium to dark colors probably best (it will be dark for most of the day). Suit or sweater set for you perhaps. Plan ahead for a slightly over-heated auditorium. Unless this is a very odd opera club, there won't be a dress code as such. Look nice,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fabienne Going to the last performance of Carmen this afternoon in the Midwest. My husband says he'll be wearing a black suit, what should I wear? A T-shirt saying "I didn't authorize this black suit ====>>" Otherwise, anything neat and clean. Attractive women seem to have a lot more latitude when it comes to afternoons out.
Quote: Originally Posted by sofaking9000 How does one go to med school with a social science degree? Did you complete all the Mcat pre-reqs? My mother got an MD after taking a history degree. A few summer courses at Harvard filled in the requirements that she didn't have. Other people do post-bac years at places like Bryn Mawr College.
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild Just turned down an offer of 3X what I am making now. I must be insane. - "You are rich if and only if money you refuse tastes better than money you accept." Nassim Taleb
People can be assholes anywhere. There are a lot of for-profits you probably wouldn't care to work for either.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow My new loafers. Unfortunately, it seems they are a quarter of a size too small. I might have to sell them. I don't see the split toe on their website. Is that a standard model? Also, what last? Looks nicely proportioned.
I hate giving career advice, since I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Nevertheless--- It seems to me that there are two lines of reasoning that might help. One is to look forward and reason back. You want to be a [lawyer/astronaut/paleontologist, etc.]? Figure out what the pre-reqs are and get them. Or acquire the pre-reqs for the pre-reqs and keep going. The other way is to start with an inventory of current passions/skills and figure out...
Quote: Originally Posted by kellgy I think kitten would be bad because you would have to sew a few together. No whole-cuts, except for Chinese dowagers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett I think its a sign, you should make more shoes from stingray, eel, shark, iguana, chicken (yes chicken), fish (yes fish) ... ... At one time, Tony Gaziano could show you swatches of salmon hide.
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