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Gorgeous stuff. Do you expect to broaden the line or do bespoke orders?
Holland and Sherry does a twill-- softer than cavalry twill-- that I like a lot. I have forgotten the name but it does come in mid as well as 13oz. Several colors in addition to mid grey.
Looks nice! What problems were you trying to solve that weren't being addressed by Saddleback?
I hate it myself, although it does look pretty good on him.
Back and sides-- that's more of a fit issue (to deal with jacket collars) than an aesthetic one. If I had a slightly shorter neck and didn't get sport coats from A&S, there would be no reason to do differently.
Mercer and Son have some of the best b-d collars. Good length and roll, and NO lining, as in the old Brooks shirts. Add maybe a millimeter or two in height and you've got a perfect collar.
That's the sort of jacket that would appeal to Ivy Leaguers as much as Italians. Nice look. I have Steven Hitchcock making something very much in that line-- we'll see how he does.
Clegg makes what I think would be a fine substitute for the Day Bag. If I decide that I want something between 3" and 6" for business-type stuff, that might be it. A lot of the other good makers tend to avoid zippers, which reduces your talent pool a bit.Otherwise, while it's not top-closure (and is too small in this incarnation), perhaps a custom job from Saddleback might be useful for that kind of application. Their finishing is a little less urban, and less expensive...
If one visited them as a tourist, how long would it take to get a suit done?
P2 is a close but good fit for me. I can squeeze into an F of the same size but it is too tight by about 1cm at the top of the laces. Too tight to consider walking. Perhaps a size larger would fix that problem, but I am guessing that the arch would then be badly placed vs the ball of my foot.
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