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I got those last year in black. Unfortunately, the black stitching and sole doesn't separate visually from the upper the way the brown ones do, so they look quite large even though the actual shoe is rather graceful in a nautical way. (See pix of H12 http://www.artisanboatworks.com/gallery/past-projects/herreshoff-12-frog). I'm expecting that they'll be rather useful to wear into town when the snow comes, however.
2 Chambolles this week: last night, a Drouhin blended 1er from 1999. Tonight, the AC from Dominique Laurent, 1998. Although 1998 was a challenging year and many of the wines haven't yet exhibited much charm, the Laurent was the one that was speaking more directly. Very good indeed. The Drouhin is inherently a bit better, but didn't start to sing until we'd pretty much finished it. Some of the 99s are still just waking up. Give it another few years...
As a reminder, the Budapest shop prices in Forints-- which have been taking yet another swan dive vs the dollar.
Last I spoke with them, there had been a recurrence of the family illness that had wreaked some havoc before. So don't assume too much on the travel front.
Prum is one of the safest bets out there. If you ever find any 2001s, jump on them.
No idea-- sorry. And since I'm not really a fan of California chards, I might just have been setting the bar really low.
I tend not to understand West Coast pinots, but the only Peter Michael chard I ever had was remarkably good. So their reds might be worth trying, especially with an American-style meal.
We're having a small dinner where I'll be more or less the only wine drinker. So my agenda is something on the light side that will stand up to food without requiring conversation. We'll see about the weather, but my best choices along this line have generally been Cru Beaujolais or German Riesling. I never did get organized enough to have my 2009 Beaujolais shipped in time this year, so going red would require trolling about the 2003s that are still left. Some of...
Many of the 03s are doing quite well, but that was a monster year. Also, sort of by accident I pulled the cork on a 1996 Morgon (or was it Moulin-a-Vent) this summer, a special Duboeuf bottling. I'm not sure it had improved in the last decade, but it certainly hadn't declined. Very cool storage certainly helped on that front.
New Posts  All Forums: