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I believe that Peter is narrower than New Peter. I can fit most P2 shoes, but couldn't even think about the Peter when I visited the shop in Budapest.
I have a pair of 3-piece trees from another maker. While they may be better than the hinged kind for the shoes, they're a real pain in the butt to use. The center part always risks falling out, and then you have 6 pieces to chase around you've dressed. Some makers put a string on them to hold them together, but the whole thing adds complexity to times of the day when I don't want to think real hard.
No specific guidance there, but Smiths has an excellent and underrated-- if tiny-- flannel book. Then there are the usual suspects of Fox, Golden Bale, and Minnis.
The houndstooth ones are not bad, although there are others who also do nice ones for a fair bit less. And if I were going on a very festive night out, one or two of the paisleys might work-- especially if a DB jacket kept them from making too much of a racket.
Nice fabrics all around. The jacket is a little short for my taste and the pockets are a tad low, but I'm guessing that it's quite normal for a southern Italian tailor.
Looks like they're back. Just got an e-mail with a link to carlofranco.com, where their new collection is ready to go.
The quarter does look nice-- as does the semi above. I don't understand the double-to-single thing at all. Some models look nice that way, others look like they've had weird implant surgery. Not a risk I'd take.
If you know what high and low prices for individual stocks are, by all means trade. Just be aware that you'll be buying from, or selling to people who think they know as much as you-- or at prices set by people who really might know more than you. The problem isn't that you're dumb, it's that a lot of other people are smart. The dumb ones get kicked out, and at the end of the evening everyone has left the poker table except Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and you. If you...
If you hold onto that, you'll know more than a lot of people.
Thanks, all, for making my indecision worse.
New Posts  All Forums: